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Hi, everyone!  Thanks for checking out my page!  I started this blog back in March 2012 just to have a place to get my thoughts out.  I still continue to do that from time to time reflecting on things going on in my life. I also like to participate in giveaways, post reviews, or just talk about random stuff. 

I am 38 years old and am living in Fernandina Beach, FL which is just north of Jacksonville.  I was born in Paducah, KY but have lived most of my life in the Dayton, OH area.  Moved last summer from Omaha, Nebraska and I couldn't be happier!  Who knew I'd love Florida so much?  I live near a close friend of mine (I met back in 2000 in Dayton) and her family has taken me in as one of their own.  I also started going to church/bible study and I absolutely love what I'm learning and all the incredible people I meet.  I adore the ocean and the beach and cannot get enough. 

I used to be a frequent runner back in the day so you'll see posts on that.  I have been slacking on running lately but being that I'm moving to the beach (as of this writing) in the next few days, I can see myself running more - whether on the beach, on the road next to million dollar homes, or through the tree lined path of the Fort nearby. 

I love taking pictures of all the beautiful scenery and there are many posts of all the scenery.  I have a specific diet, which is called zero carb, that I follow.  I discuss that in posts and I also post recipes which align with that diet.  I have how-to posts when I really feel people could use the information and also random outfit fashion posts (cuz it is fun). 

One of my big hobbies is entering sweepstakes so I like to help other bloggers out and post the giveaways on my blog as well. 

If you would like to see my posts more often or chat with me on social media, the buttons are there on the sidebar.  Thank you so much!

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