Saturday, February 25, 2017

Groupon Coupons! Excellent Way to Save!

Groupon Coupons

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are mine. 

I’m sharing today how Groupon Coupons makes it easy to save money on purchases made online.  I make many purchases online and wouldn’t it be nice to get a deal on what you’re purchasing anyways?  That is where Groupon Coupons comes in.  They have several coupons for all kinds of online websites! 

Click HERE for the Groupon Coupons Homepage.  This is what the homepage looks like:

I’m going to Orlando in March and am thinking of going to Boca Raton in April for some conferences.  But of course, it is during spring break so the hotels are astronomically priced!  This is where Groupon Coupons comes in!  You can just go to the search bar and for instance, put in Expedia and all the coupons come up!  Some great deals!  Click HERE for the Expedia Groupon Coupons Link.

Last night I was searching for a freezer chest for my garage (I want a specific one and the only one I can find is at Sears).  I was about to buy it when I remembered – Groupon Coupons!  I went there and for over $200 – there was a $25 coupon!  I can save $25 just by going to that site?!  Wow!  I’m pretty pumped!  The fact that I can save money on something I needed anyways – just awesome!

Click HERE for the Groupon Coupons Facebook Page.

Click HERE for the Groupon Coupons Twitter Page.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

5000 Squats 1000 Push-ups Challenge

Runtrimom (on Instagram) posted this challenge starting tomorrow.  Didn't seem too hard to do something like this.  Each day you incrementally increase the quantity of squats and pushups so by day 30 you're doing 300 squats and 60 push-ups.  Well, that sounds stinkin' cool to get fit that fast!  I'm thin so my muscles can pretty much show up pretty fast so I'm excited to try this. 

Starts tomorrow!  Tag your posts with #StrongerForSpringBreak2017 if you want.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

#StitchFix #4

So I thought Stitch Fix was still running the 'no styling fee' until the 28th but apparently, it was a one time deal.  But I didn't know - so I ordered another fix! 

So I got it today.  I again requested navy flats (no such luck with my size) and black jeans as I'd been looking for some black non-skinny jeans (all I can find is skinny jeans that are black - which aren't my style).

Score!  Got some bootcut black jeans - not as much flare as I'd typically like but they're exactly like the last jeans I kept so I'm good with 'em.  $88 though!  Here is everything in my fix and I discuss whether or not I am keeping them.

So here I'm wearing the jeans and the Off-White Ashton Crochet Lace Kimono (jeans are from Kut From The Cloth).  I, of course, am keeping the jeans.  Perfect fit as usual.  And these are needed in my wardrobe.

The kimono I will probably keep.  Although, the fit is weird.  I can't tell if it is too big or too small?  If I pull it forward, it fits but you can see the line of where the shoulders should be and that is not where my shoulders are.  If I put it where it is supposed to go, the shirt almost falls off my shoulders?  I love it I'm not sure.  It is $48!  But it would go with so many things. 

Cute top but I'm not a fan of my bra showing especially since most of these clothes I'd wear to work.  So this is a no go.

This actually was a cute top.  I thought at first it would wash me out but I think the big flowers helped with that.  The back was super cute with a tie.  However, you could totally see a ton of my bra in the back!  Definitely not for me.

This dress was not good for me.  I don't know what it is but all the dresses I get from Stitch Fix are super huge on me.  And you can again see my bra in the back.  So this is a return.  I had it at Size 4 or Size Small but...I guess I might be a 0 or XS in a dress?  Weird.

If you wanna get your own fix, just click HERE (affiliate link). 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Removing Google Search Bar From Front Screen

Ok, this was driving me bonkers and every time I get a new phone or they have to do a system restore - that darn Google Search bar is right there on my main screen and I don't know about you, but I can't stand it!

I'm okay with it being on my second screen but it is white and glaring and in the way on the front.  I like a non-cluttered front screen. 

I'm making this post because I always forget how to remove it and for some reason, Google search...doesn't seem to help me much.  Hahaha.  So this post is for me for the future and for anyone else who wants easy steps to remove it!

Hold down on your main screen so the screen sort of grays and the Wallpapers/Widgets/Settings line pulls up.  Don't hit Widgets (I kept doing this).  Hit Settings.

This pic shows mine off (it was on) so just turn it off and tada it disappears! 

Now if you want it back on your second screen - just move to your second screen, hold the screen down and now hit Widgets and find it and hold it down to put it on that screen. 

Friday, February 10, 2017

#StitchFix #3

So, I wanted to show you what I got in my latest Stitch Fix box.  I love Stitch Fix so much.  I know this is my #3 Stitch Fix but I've only written about my first one.

I'm still unsure about whether to keep these items or not.  I gotta decide by tomorrow.  The outfit I want to keep (jeans, tank, cardigan) are basically the same price as if I kept all of the items so...either I'm sending it all back or I'm keeping it all - at a tune of $180! 

So here we go!

My stylist sure does like prints!  LOL

So the next style is the one I like.  The pictures didn't come out great but...I still like it. 

I'm really digging yellow and navy and these two colors have been increasing in my closet the last year or so.  I'm a little concerned that you can see my bra in the back and on the sides as I would probably mostly wear this tank to work but I guess who really cares, right? lol  The cardigan is perfection and I actually saw someone else on a blog get this and knew I wanted it so I was excited to get it in my box!  It has lace detail in the back which I love as it isn't just a plain ol' cardigan.  I am in need of cardigans as it is normally freezing in my office but warm when I leave in the afternoon.  I already have a navy blue cardigan but...nothing as fancy as this so...why not get another one?  The me to PERFECTION.  They always do from Stitch Fix!  I'm not sure why.  I can go into Kohls etc. and try on 100 pairs of jeans and they're all wonky.  These always fit!  And they always feel like pajamas!  But the jeans are $88 dollars kind of holds me back a bit.  Oh and the jeans were a little bit long even though they were petite! lol  But they'd probably still work.

Here are the next two tops:

The one top is a bohemian type of top.  And while it looks super cute - it is completely see thru!  While I could probably wear it with nothing underneath except a bra because of the crazy print...I'm not so sure I definitely would.  The second top is a crazy, crazy print I'd never pick out!  The colors actually seem to go well with my skin surprisingly.  And actually look perfect with the jeans.  But it is a pretty basic tank and of course you can see my bra showing on the sides.  I might need to change my size again maybe to get them fitting better although I like a loose fit for sure. 

So like I said - I'm kind of teeter tottering from yes to no.  I really need jeans that fit as most of mine are ridiculously big (99.9% of my jeans I can pull on without doing the zipper/button).  And I know - the more expensive the jean - the better they seem to last and just hug you in all the right places.

I had asked my stylist for some navy blue flats as I'm wanting those really badly but they didn't have any in my size and she said she'll keep looking.  She also told me if it was print overload, to let her know and she'll put some solids in next time.  LOL  To be honest, it was a ton of print but I normally venture towards solids but how many black tops can you get haha - so I probably need to venture into the print realm so I'm definitely open to it.

If you would like to get your own fix, you can go HERE to sign up (affiliate link).  Also, I believe (and mine was) if you order a box to be delivered by February 28th, they'll waive the usual $20 styling fee.  Which as soon as I figure out if I want this box or not, I'm probably going to order another one!  Might as well. 

Eagles - #LOA #Synchronicity

Hey, guys.  It has been a hot minute since I've done a real blog post.  Just haven't been feeling it even though things are happening all around me in relation to Law of Attraction.  This week has been somewhat stressful at work but I tried my best to stay in alignment.  I've been sick 3 out of the 5 days.  I would assume the stress was a culprit of it but who knows.  Feels like strep but I'm not worried.  Just trying to rest and relax as much as I can. 

So yesterday I went to work not feeling so great and at some point, I couldn't take it anymore and left around 9:30am for home.  As I'm driving this 6 lane road (8 miles to the highway), this eagle appears out of no where in front of me and is leading me along the road.  It was the strangest sight.  It was just gliding/flying along with me and it kept going lower and lower where at one point I thought it was going to land in front of me on the road!  So much so, that I put on my brakes just in case!  And then it disappeared.

So...maybe 10-15 minutes later I'm on the highway and I start thinking of that eagle situation.  As I'm thinking this, I go to pass this SUV when I see their plates.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!

Yes, folks.  That says Eagle Fans!  And guess what?  They live in my same small town!  I wasn't even near my town yet!  I was probably a good 15-20 minutes away still.  On the highway! 

THIS happens ALL.THE.TIME.  Not even kidding.  The universe (non-physical) loves doing this for you.  Especially if you love it (and I do!).  I'm going to post a video down below where Abraham goes into the numbers explanation - how it really is astronomical for you to see numbers like that - basically - so many things have to line up perfectly.  Most people, who aren't learning the law of attraction, don't even bat an eye.  But not me.  I absolutely LOVE numbers like 111, 222, etc.  And I love any sort of synchronicities!  And the more you appreciate them, the more you get them.  And mostly they are a sign of alignment (which is where you want to be) - a state of positive emotion.  I also like to see it as a howdy from the Universe/Non-Physical. 

Here's the video where Abraham talks about numbers some:

Kip Moore - More Girls Like You (Audio)

Friday, February 3, 2017

Manifested $900 Yesterday - #LOA

So as you guys know, part of the Law of Attraction is manifesting things such as relationships, dream jobs, trips, dream homes, and money among other things - anything you can imagine, you can bring about.

Well, I started really getting into this at the end of September 2016.  I actually started manifested smaller things right away.  I manifested my dream car on December 5th. 

Now, I really hadn't thought about manifesting money but I know a lot of people who follow the Law of Attraction really want money.  I lead a pretty comfortable life.  Which is a 180 from where I come from.  Dirt poor growing up.  Really struggling in my 20s.  Finally got the degrees and a great job in my late 20s which set me up for where I'm at today.

I do have debt mostly due to a house I used to own and sold at a really significant loss.  I also had quite a large car payment for 6 1/2 years (4Runner) which I just paid off.  So for a long time, any extra money I had - I put towards my debt.  Which is what I thought you were supposed to do.  But my vibration was still a place of lack in regards to money due to the way I was doing that (see my post about it HERE where I changed my outlook on money in January). 

So in January I changed the way I viewed money and now will put all my extra money into my Savings for a year.  I then watched an AH video where she talks about playing a game.  You take your lowest payment, no matter how little, and double it each month.  And each time you pay it, you'll be like, wow, I'm wealthy enough to pay DOUBLE.  Which makes you feel like you're well off.  So I'm going to start to do that with my student loan in February (which should then be paid off in June yay!).  And since that payment is minimal - I'll still have a ton of money to put into savings - so it doesn't throw off my other goal of putting it a lot of money into savings each month.  So this week, I actually created my budget for the next 6 months and I saw how much money I'd have in savings.  I couldn't believe it!  Talk about feeling rich!

Then yesterday, I actually felt a wobble after I went shopping at Target.  Now get this - I was actually getting all these # signs like 333 (my receipt was for $93.33 and before that my gas thing said 333 before empty and I saw 3:33 on the clock plus 444 and 555 on vehicle tags and also saw 1010 on the same receipt).  But I had a wobble - which I think came from me forgetting to use my Cartwheel app (was having a nice convo with the cashier).  I started to feel bad for spending $93.33!  I never feel bad for spending money because I know I have it?  I felt like I was taking away from all the money I anticipate in June.

It is weird cuz I never really have wobbles with money.  So I knew I had to talk myself thru it later.  So I get home and zone out and really try to get to the bottom of what my money wobble is about.  I think I'm focusing too much on the future.  And who cares if I have a certain amount or not in June?  The point is, I will have a lot of money!  And the money is there for me to spend so stop being so wonky about it!  I wasn't sure if I really solved my money issue but I was trying to soothe myself out of it.

So later on, I'm going thru my mail which I thought was all junk mail or mail that you just file away and don't look at again.  So I open up this one piece of mail from my mortgage company.  Figured it was nothing.  And I honestly was just going to file it but...something started catching my eye...and so I started reading a little bit more and a little bit more.  It started saying that I had a surplus from my escrow from last year - and that if there is a surplus, there will be a check with this letter.  WHAT!  So I look and sure enough - $167!!!  What!  Surprise!  I've owned a house before and if I'm remembering correctly, they just rolled that over.  So this was completely unexpected!  I was so happy that I posted it immediately on the Abraham Hicks Vortex Group Facebook Page (go HERE if you want to join - which I highly recommend). 

So I'm so happy about the $167!  So I go on to the next piece of mail.  Something from my old mortgage company (the one that did the closing).  I thought it was just nothing like the other mortgage company.  Turns out, it is actually a tax document from my closing - apparently, I had paid a ton of money at closing towards my mortgage insurance premiums.  It had totally escaped my mind what I paid in particular.  In fact, I had googled - can you deduct closing costs and google said heck no.  But this particular cost - yes you can! 

So I went and plugged in the numbers and I'm getting an extra $737 back from the IRS than I had originally anticipated!  YES!!!!! 


So I'm thinking that my work on how I view money within the last money has really helped.  And I'm wondering if me soothing myself about money yesterday helped at all?  Interesting! 

This money was completely unexpected.  Money can literally come from anywhere - don't expect it only to come from lotto wins or your salary or a bonus or whatever.  It literally can come from anywhere!  Don't limit your beliefs on where it can come from!  And don't limit yourself on how much!!!!  I just made $900 in a day, guys!  It can happen!

And really think about your Vortex as well.  How did you grow up?  I grew up SO poor that I know that I was shooting off so many rockets of desire for lotto wins and wealth like you wouldn't believe.  I know my Vortex is bursting and wants to show me how much money is coming to me.  Just had to start tweaking how I viewed money and start having fun with it and soothing myself if I wobbled when it came to money.  It really works.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Feb 2 - #LOA #Contrast #Age

Hi, guys.  Haven't posted anything about what is going on with me and the Law of Attraction for a bit. 

Just some things happening here or there.  I haven't been able to keep myself real high flying too much lately.

I can't seem to reach the highest disk too much or even do a better disk. 

Today, just had some contrast with a co-worker.  He's bound and determined that as you get older - you shrivel up and die.  It is his mantra almost.  It isn't mine tho.  In fact, I 100% believe I am getting younger as I am doing this Law of Attraction stuff.  Plus, I feel like my diet makes me younger as well.

Actually, what I've been trying to do lately is not think about my age.  I'm getting to that magic number where everyone says this or that.  Who says that has to be?  It is my body.  It is my life.  It is how I feel.  The end.  I feel pretty darn good to be honest.  I look WAY better than I ever have in my entire life.  And I feel like I keep getting better and better - and why wouldn't I continue that trajectory?  Because society thinks some B.S.?  Pulease.  Society doesn't even enter into my equation.

Anyways, so there was a bit of contrast with that guy...cuz I was trying to tell him he was wrong.  It is all in what you believe.  So I basically said goodbye to my higher disk and joined him on his lower one. 

I honestly didn't know where to take the convo to be honest.  And so I jumped off my disk.  lol  Lesson learned.  Not sure how I'll handle it next time.  Maybe I'll pick up the stick at a higher place next time and it won't be as bad. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Abraham Hicks. Abraham's Wobble Free To That New Relationship. #Rampage #LOA

This is really funny towards the end.  Totally me. 

Too Many Cars LOL - Abraham Hicks. Your Vortex Is Prosperous And Powerful.

This is actually funny towards the end because she starts talking about all the garages we're amassing for all the cars we're manifesting.  LOL!  Totally reminds me of me.  I feel like today - I really felt like I want two more cars...a foxbody Mustang and a Cadillac CTS with all the bells and whistles.  I've had a CTS before and loved it.  I love bells and whistles!  Of course, I'd keep my current Mustang as well.  I could probably trade in the 4Runner for the CTS since...they basically serve the same purpose (practical type of car).  Anyways, just thought I'd share the short video below.  

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