Sunday, August 27, 2017

Stitch Fix #7 Is On Its Way!

So I should be getting my next fix on Tuesday.  I already peeked at what I'm getting and I'm not so sure about any of it but sometimes it turns out better once I put 'em on.  If you are not part of Stitch Fix yet, you need to sign up (HERE)!  (Affiliate Link)

Anyways, here is a pic of me at Kohls yesterday with my Stitch Fix cargo pants.  I am trying to find some sort of brown tops for work.  Couldn't find any at Kohls, TJ Maxx, or Ross (unless you count leopard print lol).

I actually walked out of Kohls, 30% coupon in hand, empty handed!  Funny thing though - I found someone's wedding ring in the Junior's section and turned it in.  My step 2 moment (Law of Attraction talk).  :)  So it was all worth it. 

The cargo pants were from my #5 fix.  I actually wasn't going to keep them as they were super pricey but...the Stitch Fix math worked to their advantage and I'm so glad!  They are such a great casual staple.  They do now have a hole in the crotch tho.  LOL!  So much for pricey items.  I was supposed to wash them inside out but who's got time for that?  Bwhahaha not this girl!  Maybe I'll get around to sewing that up but for now - no one really knows!  They are SO beyond comfy...and not too long either.

Anyways, now on to my goodies I'm getting on Tuesday!  Let me know what you think.

I definitely am not keeping the purse (hate cross bodies)...and again - I am not a fan of halters and I keep telling my stylist that but...she keeps sending!  But maybe I'll like it anyways and keep it.  People on my Facebook group love the Daniel Rainn - I'm kind of over flowy tops so we'll see about that one.  The cardigan - I asked for cardigans but I'm not sure if it is dressy enough for my job which is the only reason I wanted it.  The jeans!  I'm excited about these.  I have a bazillion jeans and don't need another pair but...I don't have ripped ones yet!  So I can't wait to try them and Stitch Fix jeans normally fit amazing especially for this curvy, tiny, short gal like me.  But we'll see.  I'm ready to order my next fix tho!  Haha!  I'm obsessed.  Stitch Fix really is making me rethink and refine my closet and style. 

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