Sunday, August 27, 2017 Review

This is a sponsored post.

Hello, everyone!  I was asked to review and write a blog post about it.  I immediately was in!  Ya know why?  Because I actually used to buy my dream car back in December! 

I had paid off my 4Runner back in October and toyed with the idea of FINALLY getting my dream car - a Mustang GT.  I didn't really know how to go about it - I didn't really want to take much effort in finding one but I figured if one fell in my lap, I'd take a look.

As soon as I put the idea out there of wanting a Mustang, one of my neighbors, who had a silver Mustang GT, mentioned they wanted to sell it.  I was intrigued but ended up passing on it.  While it was everything almost with what I wanted (GT, stick, loud exhaust) - it wasn't the color I preferred (black) nor did it have the black wheels/tinted windows/spoiler that I wanted. 

Then I found a Boss 302 Mustang for sale at work - SO cool but pricey AND it was yellow.  So again, close but no cigar. 

Then someone at work mentioned why don't I check out  So I checked it out and saved a search for a black Mustang GT.  I think they updated me by email every day when one came up.  You can personalize it to the Model, Make, Year, Price, etc.  Which is perfect!  So I only got black Mustangs coming through. 

One day, I got THE email.  Of my dream car!  It seemed too good to be true.  I was actually able to get the Carfax straight from the website (for free) which gave me a piece of mind that this vehicle was a good buy.  I emailed the dealership and they sent me more pics.  It was real!  It was a 2013 Mustang GT Premium 6 speed manual.  It had black wheels, tinted windows, spoiler, and an extra loud exhaust.  And it has crazy ambient lighting inside which I initially made green and red for Christmas and it is currently pink. 

Here are some pics of me at the dealership when I got the car and some pics since then. 

That last picture is me at my first Mustang meet - another dream come true!  Thank you! really made the search for my dream car effortless!!  Just put in a few specifics in the search, search, and save it.  You will then get updates via email.  I have now decided to put feelers out there (new searches on for a jacked up truck, a luxury car, and more Mustangs.  I am completely confident that I will find my next car on  They are they ultimate place to search for your next car!

Other great things about
  • Get specifications and reviews on any car
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