Thursday, June 22, 2017

Stitch Fix #6

So I got my 6th Stitch Fix today.  I see what all these gals get on a Facebook group I belong to where we show off what we got - which makes me always wanna get a fix!  If you want to join the Facebook group, click HERE.

If you want to sign up for Stitch Fix, just go HERE (affiliate link). 

So here we go!

Here is my box.  In our group, we call it the burrito!

LOVED the color of the top so I'm probably keeping that.  The jeans fit but I like jeans a wee bit looser so I'll probably send them back.  Super cute and fit my body well.

When I first saw the green shirt that they were sending me, I thought for sure I would hate it.  Green doesn't look good on me!  I was wrong!  It looked fine and I absolutely love the detail of the see thru stuff yet you can still wear a regular bra!  Score!  Totally keeping it!  The bracelet was beautiful but I have notoriously skinny wrists and no bracelets really work on me so I'll have to send it back.  It basically is coming right off.  I could try to bend it but I didn't wanna risk it if I am sending it back - I don't tend to wear bracelets much anyways. 


The look above is actually what I'd call my style.  But if I can't wear a regular bra, I'm out.  Sending it back. 

Overall, I think my stylist did great.  I got out of my comfort zone with the bright colors and white jeans (haven't owned white jeans in probably 20+ years). 

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