Monday, April 24, 2017

April 2016 Asheville, NC Abraham-Hicks Workshop

So...I went to my third Abraham-Hicks workshop this last weekend in Asheville, NC!

It was a 2 day workshop.  I figured it would be a fun trip since I've been obsessed with mountains lately.  So I reserved a hotel in Waynesville, NC (40 minutes west of Asheville near the mountains).  Beautiful there!  It was on a golf course, too.  I got there Friday night and they had this outdoor area with tons of rocking chairs facing the golf course and mountains.  So I sat there with my decaf coffee and just enjoyed the peace and quiet and the view!  It was raining cats and dogs (rained the whole time basically) so that was extra nice!  Love the sound of rain!

The next morning I headed to the Omni where the workshop was at.  I left early as I had no clue if there would be a line for parking (like there had been at the Orlando and Boca workshops).  As I was going there, it was foggy but the sun was coming up over the mountains and it was the most incredible sight.  I couldn't believe I was blessed with that view.  I get to see the sunrise over the beach whenever I want and that is the most incredible view and this totally matched it!  I felt SO blessed in that moment.  Actually, most of the weekend I felt so blessed!  Anyways, I ended up easily finding parking so it all worked out great.  I ended up sitting near these awesome folks - I always seem to meet some awesome people there.  The workshop that day was - somewhat weird.  LOL  Nothing like Boca or Orlando.  A lot of the people that got chosen had...really drawn out stories or off the wall questions.  Which is fine as Abraham is so great at getting those different questions/stories to relate to all of us. 

They served us lunch after the end of that workshop and it was pretty good.  I sat with one of the ladies I met and I ended up sitting next to a girl who I hit it off with real well!  So that was awesome!  I left and then headed to Gatlinburg where - things didn't go as expected (tons of contrast) - but somehow things just started working out for me (and as Abraham would say - the universe was knocking itself out for me!) - seriously it ended up being a WAY better afternoon/evening than had everything had gone the way I wanted!

I had an amazing time with some friends who had recently moved to the Tennessee area and then we went and saw a couple of the highest peaks (TN and NC).  My main intention for going there was to see the mountains way up high and I definitely got that!!!!  AMAZING and INCREDIBLE views! 

The next day, the workshop was WAY more my speed - things were like Boca and Orlando and it was even stretching me quite a bit!  I was so excited to think about it on my way home (which is what I normally do after a workshop) but I forgot it all pretty much for some reason? LOL  I wrote some stuff down but still - I feel like there was so much to it that I forgot!  So I'm glad I ordered the CD to listen to later.

I do remember some stuff as she emphasized we have to be satisfied with the NOW...that our Inner Being will never bring us to something we're not ready for...and more details on how to meditate.  I've been doing mostly the guided meditations on youtube but I realized that it doesn't completely stop thought.  I actually have visions of some of the things I want to manifest or things that make me feel amazing.  While I don't think that is bad at all as we want to have positive momentum such as that but I want to try how Abraham talks about it.  Just listening to one sound and focusing on it and having no thought whatsoever.

I downloaded an app last night after getting that impulse after meditating last night LOL (full circle moment haha).  It is called Relax Melodies Sound (free on Google Play).  It has several different sounds and you can add more sounds within each sound as well AND you can put a timer to it - so it will stop after XX amount of minutes you choose!  I did it for the first time this morning!  It was awesome!!!!  Thoughts kept trying to come in and I would refocus on the sound.  I can't wait to see where I go with this!!!  Because eventually you are supposed to get impulses from the meditation which lead you to this or that or this.

Oh!  Something else - I just had some amazing convos yesterday!  Heck the whole weekend really when I got to the Omni where the workshop was - I decided to park next to another 4Runner like mine.  Well the guy that owns the 4Runner comes out while I'm still sitting there and he says Good Morning - and I was like - was he talking to me ???  And so maybe after a minute, I'm like were you talking to me?  LOL!  And he's like no, someone else (I felt like the person next to the stall where the person is on the cell phone and you don't know it LOL) - and I'm like oh oops and he's like but Good Morning!  LOL and I'm like good morning!  haha!  Then he rolls down his window and asks about my 4Runner and we had a nice convo about it!  And then later on my way home, I was at this gas station and I was feeling a little squirrely about the credit card machine on the pump not working and I didn't know how to pre-pay and this one lady inside explained it to me and the lady checking me out started talking about my cheese I was buying totally distracting me from my worries!  She kept talking about the cheese!  It was so bizarre yet so funny and she was being so joyful about my cheese - that it really was AWESOME!  I really appreciated that distraction!  And my convos with my friends the day before was awesome as well!  At one point for some reason, they started talking about celebrity deaths - so I derailed and was like ok can we talk about unicorns, rainbows, and carebears?  LOL!  And they proceeded to talk about Carebears!!!!!!  This stuff works!!!   Great day!

Anyways, despite some contrast, it was really a wonderful time!  Here are some pics!

Me and my friends at Bubba Gump Shrimp restaurant!  Love that place!  Love the trivia, too! 

My view from the rocking chairs at my hotel!

My view walking out to my car at the hotel!

This lady parked next to me the first day at the workshop.  777 - and my initials - JB! 

This was the 2nd highest peak I think - I was on the North Carolina side and I walked a few feet away to the Tennessee border.  SO cool!!  I was so happy.

This was at the highest peak!  Definitely worth the drive through all those curves!  It was absolutely incredible!!!

Another view of it!

Ok, I wanted to share this one last pic with y'all.  This is a bunny rabbit in my yard.  One week after I started learning about this Law of Attraction stuff (October 1 to be exact), I added some things to my manifestation list.  One was a bunny in my backyard - which represents something specific (an action relating to a bigger manifestation) manifesting into my life within 2 weeks. 
Anyways, I come home from my trip and I get all squirrely about the big manifestation and just want to throw in the towel.  I sort of know why I got squirrely but still - to throw in the towel?  I've been wanting to manifest this generally for a long time and specifically since I met this person for a year and 5 days at that moment (before my Law of Attraction learnings).  So I'm all squirrely and I like to pull cards sometimes to communicate with the Non-Physical.  So I started shuffling and the first card that flew out - was TRUST.  Ok - I wasn't squirrely after that. 
 And so I let that go and started making dinner.  I went to sit down to eat, I look outside and what do I see??? THAT BUNNY!!!  YOU GUYS!  I've lived here for OVER a year - the only time I've ever seen a bunny was a month and a half ago in my neighbor's yard - and a few days after that - the manifestation (not the big one the little one) somewhat materialized but not in full effect. this mini-manifestation going to happen?  You guys - if this mini-manifestation happens - the BIG manifestation is right behind it.  Is the bunny helping me get ready to get ready to GET READY!!!!! ????  For the big dealo!??!!!!  Especially after I JUST got the trust card.  It is like they're like - don't give up just yet're at the finish line!!!!!!!!! 

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