Thursday, March 30, 2017

Went to my First Abraham-Hicks Workshop - Law of Attraction

Wanted to post real fast about me finally going to an Abraham-Hicks workshop!!  They had one in Orlando last weekend and I drove down there the Friday before.  It was really good and I learned something from each person's question.  The main thing she emphasized was meditation and I know I feel like the universe has been hinting that at me lately so...when I came to this workshop and she kept saying it - I got the message loud and clear.  Hahaha!  And I tell you what - I've been doing it every day since then - many times twice a day and holy cow, it has literally changed my life.  I have never had so much clarity in my life!  Clarity on tons of stuff going on in my life!  I will continue to do that.
By the way, on my way there, I was in a traffic jam on I-4 and this guy - asked me out!  In the traffic jam!!!!  Craziest thing ever!  Then I get to my hotel and it turned out to be right across from my favorite restaurant!  Score!  Then, I was able to get $70 off my hotel stay (one night) without any effort!  It was just an awesome string of events.
Then yesterday, someone I know called me all concerned about me because they saw what they thought was me almost get tboned.  It made me realize how far I've come with this person - it was a full circle moment...100%.  That and the guy asking me out on I-4 is really showing me how different men in particular are coming towards me - what I'm attracting is so different than it used to be.  And that is because I'm staying in alignment more often and more consistently, I'm thinking of other things other than relationships, I'm passionate about a whole bunch of stuff, and now the meditation - which actually increases momentum so you don't feel 'stuck' anymore.  It is an amazing life and I cannot wait to see where it leads.
Tomorrow I'm heading to Boca Raton, FL for my second workshop - I can't get enough!  And it is a good excuse to get out of town for a couple of days just to go see what adventures I can get into along the way.  Will blog about it when I get back!  

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