Saturday, February 18, 2017

#StitchFix #4

So I thought Stitch Fix was still running the 'no styling fee' until the 28th but apparently, it was a one time deal.  But I didn't know - so I ordered another fix! 

So I got it today.  I again requested navy flats (no such luck with my size) and black jeans as I'd been looking for some black non-skinny jeans (all I can find is skinny jeans that are black - which aren't my style).

Score!  Got some bootcut black jeans - not as much flare as I'd typically like but they're exactly like the last jeans I kept so I'm good with 'em.  $88 though!  Here is everything in my fix and I discuss whether or not I am keeping them.

So here I'm wearing the jeans and the Off-White Ashton Crochet Lace Kimono (jeans are from Kut From The Cloth).  I, of course, am keeping the jeans.  Perfect fit as usual.  And these are needed in my wardrobe.

The kimono I will probably keep.  Although, the fit is weird.  I can't tell if it is too big or too small?  If I pull it forward, it fits but you can see the line of where the shoulders should be and that is not where my shoulders are.  If I put it where it is supposed to go, the shirt almost falls off my shoulders?  I love it I'm not sure.  It is $48!  But it would go with so many things. 

Cute top but I'm not a fan of my bra showing especially since most of these clothes I'd wear to work.  So this is a no go.

This actually was a cute top.  I thought at first it would wash me out but I think the big flowers helped with that.  The back was super cute with a tie.  However, you could totally see a ton of my bra in the back!  Definitely not for me.

This dress was not good for me.  I don't know what it is but all the dresses I get from Stitch Fix are super huge on me.  And you can again see my bra in the back.  So this is a return.  I had it at Size 4 or Size Small but...I guess I might be a 0 or XS in a dress?  Weird.

If you wanna get your own fix, just click HERE (affiliate link). 

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