Friday, February 10, 2017

#StitchFix #3

So, I wanted to show you what I got in my latest Stitch Fix box.  I love Stitch Fix so much.  I know this is my #3 Stitch Fix but I've only written about my first one.

I'm still unsure about whether to keep these items or not.  I gotta decide by tomorrow.  The outfit I want to keep (jeans, tank, cardigan) are basically the same price as if I kept all of the items so...either I'm sending it all back or I'm keeping it all - at a tune of $180! 

So here we go!

My stylist sure does like prints!  LOL

So the next style is the one I like.  The pictures didn't come out great but...I still like it. 

I'm really digging yellow and navy and these two colors have been increasing in my closet the last year or so.  I'm a little concerned that you can see my bra in the back and on the sides as I would probably mostly wear this tank to work but I guess who really cares, right? lol  The cardigan is perfection and I actually saw someone else on a blog get this and knew I wanted it so I was excited to get it in my box!  It has lace detail in the back which I love as it isn't just a plain ol' cardigan.  I am in need of cardigans as it is normally freezing in my office but warm when I leave in the afternoon.  I already have a navy blue cardigan but...nothing as fancy as this so...why not get another one?  The me to PERFECTION.  They always do from Stitch Fix!  I'm not sure why.  I can go into Kohls etc. and try on 100 pairs of jeans and they're all wonky.  These always fit!  And they always feel like pajamas!  But the jeans are $88 dollars kind of holds me back a bit.  Oh and the jeans were a little bit long even though they were petite! lol  But they'd probably still work.

Here are the next two tops:

The one top is a bohemian type of top.  And while it looks super cute - it is completely see thru!  While I could probably wear it with nothing underneath except a bra because of the crazy print...I'm not so sure I definitely would.  The second top is a crazy, crazy print I'd never pick out!  The colors actually seem to go well with my skin surprisingly.  And actually look perfect with the jeans.  But it is a pretty basic tank and of course you can see my bra showing on the sides.  I might need to change my size again maybe to get them fitting better although I like a loose fit for sure. 

So like I said - I'm kind of teeter tottering from yes to no.  I really need jeans that fit as most of mine are ridiculously big (99.9% of my jeans I can pull on without doing the zipper/button).  And I know - the more expensive the jean - the better they seem to last and just hug you in all the right places.

I had asked my stylist for some navy blue flats as I'm wanting those really badly but they didn't have any in my size and she said she'll keep looking.  She also told me if it was print overload, to let her know and she'll put some solids in next time.  LOL  To be honest, it was a ton of print but I normally venture towards solids but how many black tops can you get haha - so I probably need to venture into the print realm so I'm definitely open to it.

If you would like to get your own fix, you can go HERE to sign up (affiliate link).  Also, I believe (and mine was) if you order a box to be delivered by February 28th, they'll waive the usual $20 styling fee.  Which as soon as I figure out if I want this box or not, I'm probably going to order another one!  Might as well. 

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