Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Removing Google Search Bar From Front Screen

Ok, this was driving me bonkers and every time I get a new phone or they have to do a system restore - that darn Google Search bar is right there on my main screen and I don't know about you, but I can't stand it!

I'm okay with it being on my second screen but it is white and glaring and in the way on the front.  I like a non-cluttered front screen. 

I'm making this post because I always forget how to remove it and for some reason, Google search...doesn't seem to help me much.  Hahaha.  So this post is for me for the future and for anyone else who wants easy steps to remove it!

Hold down on your main screen so the screen sort of grays and the Wallpapers/Widgets/Settings line pulls up.  Don't hit Widgets (I kept doing this).  Hit Settings.

This pic shows mine off (it was on) so just turn it off and tada it disappears! 

Now if you want it back on your second screen - just move to your second screen, hold the screen down and now hit Widgets and find it and hold it down to put it on that screen. 

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