Friday, February 3, 2017

Manifested $900 Yesterday - #LOA

So as you guys know, part of the Law of Attraction is manifesting things such as relationships, dream jobs, trips, dream homes, and money among other things - anything you can imagine, you can bring about.

Well, I started really getting into this at the end of September 2016.  I actually started manifested smaller things right away.  I manifested my dream car on December 5th. 

Now, I really hadn't thought about manifesting money but I know a lot of people who follow the Law of Attraction really want money.  I lead a pretty comfortable life.  Which is a 180 from where I come from.  Dirt poor growing up.  Really struggling in my 20s.  Finally got the degrees and a great job in my late 20s which set me up for where I'm at today.

I do have debt mostly due to a house I used to own and sold at a really significant loss.  I also had quite a large car payment for 6 1/2 years (4Runner) which I just paid off.  So for a long time, any extra money I had - I put towards my debt.  Which is what I thought you were supposed to do.  But my vibration was still a place of lack in regards to money due to the way I was doing that (see my post about it HERE where I changed my outlook on money in January). 

So in January I changed the way I viewed money and now will put all my extra money into my Savings for a year.  I then watched an AH video where she talks about playing a game.  You take your lowest payment, no matter how little, and double it each month.  And each time you pay it, you'll be like, wow, I'm wealthy enough to pay DOUBLE.  Which makes you feel like you're well off.  So I'm going to start to do that with my student loan in February (which should then be paid off in June yay!).  And since that payment is minimal - I'll still have a ton of money to put into savings - so it doesn't throw off my other goal of putting it a lot of money into savings each month.  So this week, I actually created my budget for the next 6 months and I saw how much money I'd have in savings.  I couldn't believe it!  Talk about feeling rich!

Then yesterday, I actually felt a wobble after I went shopping at Target.  Now get this - I was actually getting all these # signs like 333 (my receipt was for $93.33 and before that my gas thing said 333 before empty and I saw 3:33 on the clock plus 444 and 555 on vehicle tags and also saw 1010 on the same receipt).  But I had a wobble - which I think came from me forgetting to use my Cartwheel app (was having a nice convo with the cashier).  I started to feel bad for spending $93.33!  I never feel bad for spending money because I know I have it?  I felt like I was taking away from all the money I anticipate in June.

It is weird cuz I never really have wobbles with money.  So I knew I had to talk myself thru it later.  So I get home and zone out and really try to get to the bottom of what my money wobble is about.  I think I'm focusing too much on the future.  And who cares if I have a certain amount or not in June?  The point is, I will have a lot of money!  And the money is there for me to spend so stop being so wonky about it!  I wasn't sure if I really solved my money issue but I was trying to soothe myself out of it.

So later on, I'm going thru my mail which I thought was all junk mail or mail that you just file away and don't look at again.  So I open up this one piece of mail from my mortgage company.  Figured it was nothing.  And I honestly was just going to file it but...something started catching my eye...and so I started reading a little bit more and a little bit more.  It started saying that I had a surplus from my escrow from last year - and that if there is a surplus, there will be a check with this letter.  WHAT!  So I look and sure enough - $167!!!  What!  Surprise!  I've owned a house before and if I'm remembering correctly, they just rolled that over.  So this was completely unexpected!  I was so happy that I posted it immediately on the Abraham Hicks Vortex Group Facebook Page (go HERE if you want to join - which I highly recommend). 

So I'm so happy about the $167!  So I go on to the next piece of mail.  Something from my old mortgage company (the one that did the closing).  I thought it was just nothing like the other mortgage company.  Turns out, it is actually a tax document from my closing - apparently, I had paid a ton of money at closing towards my mortgage insurance premiums.  It had totally escaped my mind what I paid in particular.  In fact, I had googled - can you deduct closing costs and google said heck no.  But this particular cost - yes you can! 

So I went and plugged in the numbers and I'm getting an extra $737 back from the IRS than I had originally anticipated!  YES!!!!! 


So I'm thinking that my work on how I view money within the last money has really helped.  And I'm wondering if me soothing myself about money yesterday helped at all?  Interesting! 

This money was completely unexpected.  Money can literally come from anywhere - don't expect it only to come from lotto wins or your salary or a bonus or whatever.  It literally can come from anywhere!  Don't limit your beliefs on where it can come from!  And don't limit yourself on how much!!!!  I just made $900 in a day, guys!  It can happen!

And really think about your Vortex as well.  How did you grow up?  I grew up SO poor that I know that I was shooting off so many rockets of desire for lotto wins and wealth like you wouldn't believe.  I know my Vortex is bursting and wants to show me how much money is coming to me.  Just had to start tweaking how I viewed money and start having fun with it and soothing myself if I wobbled when it came to money.  It really works.

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