Friday, February 10, 2017

Eagles - #LOA #Synchronicity

Hey, guys.  It has been a hot minute since I've done a real blog post.  Just haven't been feeling it even though things are happening all around me in relation to Law of Attraction.  This week has been somewhat stressful at work but I tried my best to stay in alignment.  I've been sick 3 out of the 5 days.  I would assume the stress was a culprit of it but who knows.  Feels like strep but I'm not worried.  Just trying to rest and relax as much as I can. 

So yesterday I went to work not feeling so great and at some point, I couldn't take it anymore and left around 9:30am for home.  As I'm driving this 6 lane road (8 miles to the highway), this eagle appears out of no where in front of me and is leading me along the road.  It was the strangest sight.  It was just gliding/flying along with me and it kept going lower and lower where at one point I thought it was going to land in front of me on the road!  So much so, that I put on my brakes just in case!  And then it disappeared.

So...maybe 10-15 minutes later I'm on the highway and I start thinking of that eagle situation.  As I'm thinking this, I go to pass this SUV when I see their plates.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!

Yes, folks.  That says Eagle Fans!  And guess what?  They live in my same small town!  I wasn't even near my town yet!  I was probably a good 15-20 minutes away still.  On the highway! 

THIS happens ALL.THE.TIME.  Not even kidding.  The universe (non-physical) loves doing this for you.  Especially if you love it (and I do!).  I'm going to post a video down below where Abraham goes into the numbers explanation - how it really is astronomical for you to see numbers like that - basically - so many things have to line up perfectly.  Most people, who aren't learning the law of attraction, don't even bat an eye.  But not me.  I absolutely LOVE numbers like 111, 222, etc.  And I love any sort of synchronicities!  And the more you appreciate them, the more you get them.  And mostly they are a sign of alignment (which is where you want to be) - a state of positive emotion.  I also like to see it as a howdy from the Universe/Non-Physical. 

Here's the video where Abraham talks about numbers some:

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