Thursday, January 12, 2017

Universe Is On It! 12 January 2017 Contrast - #LOA

So I wrote an earlier post about contrast all over the place in my life today and somewhat yesterday evening. The main element of both the contrast of yesterday and today is me caring what others think. Big time today. And I thought I had conquered that mostly but it is apparently still in my vibration as I noted in my previous post. I also said I was going to listen to music to raise my vibration a bit. What is the first song that I turn to on my ipod? 'Just The Way You Are' by Billy Joel. Thanks, Universe. You are on it!!! Like what are the odds that the first song would be so relevant to what is going on with the contrast!? I love it!!!! 

By the way, when I went looking for the video for this post with lyrics - the youtube name had 333 in it!!  Means alignment!  In the Vortex!  Yessssssss. 

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