Friday, January 6, 2017

Traffic - Law of Attraction

I have to tell y'all about my traffic drama this morning.  It is a little embarrassing but hey - my vibration brought it so it is what it is!

Traffic is one area I have issues with - I can try to keep my annoyance under control and be patient most of the time but...sometimes I am over it! 

So a couple things happened this morning where I probably wasn't as patient as I should have been and didn't drive as well as I should have been driving.  In these teachings, you're supposed to know that everything is working out for you.  Even if you're in a mass of traffic and can't seem to get out of it - you're in it for a reason.  A lot of times, it is timing.  And I see it all the time.  When I'm patient and don't try to do crazy Mario moves to get away from everyone, things literally happen - signs, syncs, cool things I see, things line up for me to see, etc.  So I know there are reasons to be patient and just go with the flow of whatever is going on - slow traffic or not.

But sometimes, I'm just not there.  This morning was that morning.  So I had the impatience etc....and so I was like uh oh I'm not really in the Vortex, right?  But I was like...I'm probably close.  haha  Maybe but I don't think I got in it as when I got to work....I was driving and there was a Challenger and a Camaro in the lane beside me at a light.  So in my brain, I was thinking - this is great - let's race!  LOL  I mean I wasn't really going to do that but I drive a Mustang so that is a natural inclination for me. haha!  So we're at a light and it turns green and apparently I had it in 3rd gear instead of 1st and I stalled it!!!!!  My first time stalling it like that!!!!   In front of two other race cars!!!  I started it up and ended up passing them both but it was kind of embarrassing although I just couldn't stop laughing!  It was so what I was attracting because of my behavior earlier!   Thankfully, I can laugh at myself because like I said, I could not stop laughing!  

It seems to me that either the law of attraction stuff is either becoming more apparent to me in my life or my resistance to everything might be dissipating so much that it just happens faster.  I'll have to tell you about the rain story that happened on Wednesday this week.  I'll leave that to another post.  I love sharing these stories!  Even if they are embarrassing! haha!

By the way, my mustang - is a manifestation.  That is a story for another day because it is a long one.  I got it December 5th.  I'll post a picture of me and it below.  I absolutely love driving it!!!! 

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