Friday, January 6, 2017

Rain Story - Law of Attraction

So Wednesday this week was an interesting day.  It rained like crazy all day long.  I was in the Vortex though because - I had woken up early for some reason and ended up leaving 4 minutes early.  I encountered 4 accidents along the way that had happened 5-10 minutes before I got to them.  So not only was I the one that didn't get in the accident, I avoided any backed up traffic as they had just happened.  3 accidents of the same circumstances on my way home as well.  My timing was ON that day.  It was so interesting to just see the universe just line everything up just right.

So my rain story is short but I can't help but telling it.   15 minutes before I was leaving work that day, I saw it was raining cats and dogs outside.  Everyone was making fun of me that I was going to get caught in the rain.  Not a huge deal - I have an umbrella.  haha!  But still, it was a long walk to my car so I was like 'Hey, Vortex, can you make it stop raining when I leave?  K thx.' and left it at that.  Thinking no more of it.  SWEAR....I went to leave...walked outside and it JUST stopped.   No need for an umbrella!

It rained ALL day long!  After that...and before that...but not right at that moment!  So crazy!  Just ask...and have no resistance...and tada! 

Love this!  My resistance seems to be getting less and less so more things I ask for...appear...and appear faster!  Just takes practice. 

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