Thursday, January 5, 2017

Pivoting - Law of Attraction

Pivoting is basically taking a negative thought and stop thinking that thought and start thinking a positive thought.

I JUST started doing this (just learned about it from some Facebook group) so I am not sure what the big picture is but I definitely feel better doing it!  I assume this starts to become a habit and nothing bothers you anymore.

So basically, a negative thought/emotion comes in about something in your environment or just some random negative thought, shows up.  BOOM.  There it is.  And you don't want to feel that!  Not at all.  But we are conditioned, to wallow in that negativity.

The problem is, one negative thought, attracts another one and another one.  The negative thought/emotion is what you DON'T want, otherwise you wouldn't have this negative emotion.  The more you think of it, the more you are attracting what you DON'T want.  So more negative stuff or more negative situations, etc.

So what is the opposite of what you don't want?  What you DO want.  Which is what I call 'the desire.'  So when you notice the negative thought/emotion, immediately think of the opposite of it - which is what you DO want/desire. 

Then, if you are so inclined, keep thinking about what you DO want/desire and if you want to take it even further, really feel what it is to have that, to be in that space of having that, enjoying that, etc.

Now, I would start with little negative moments as those are probably easier to practice it on.

Want an example from my life?

This is going to sound ridiculous but this is real life, right?  So this morning, I went to the breakroom to heat up my food.  I go to the door with my hands full (breakroom is all glass so you can see in/out) and this guy is coming from the other side and he sees me coming and he just stands there and I have to hold the door for him WITH MY HANDS FULL while he had nothing in his hands.  This guy is a little off anyways so I should have expected bizarro behavior like that but logic was not on my mind in that moment!!!!  I was not too happy.  So as I'm sitting there waiting for my food to heat up (just one minute), I took that unhappy thought and thought of what I do want which is for men to hold doors for me!  Then just sort of didn't think about it anymore but I was a lot happier and had totally forgotten about the moment.  I got my food out and went to the door and this guy rushed to the door to hold it open for me!!!  LOL!  Instant manifestation?  THEN at lunchtime maybe an hour later, a guy did the exact same thing - rushed to the door to open it for ME!  What!!!  LOL  So not only does it seem to change your mood - it brings you truly what you want - sometimes way sooner than you expect!!!!  This stuff is the coolest, for realz! 

So yeah, I'd say just try it out as much as you can.  You might not always recognize right away that you're in a negative spot and that is okay.  Don't beat yourself up (I had a hard time not doing that in the beginning).  It truly does take practice and it really starts working!!!! 

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