Tuesday, January 17, 2017

My Father Who I've Never Met - #LOA

I had to write about this as I stumbled upon a transcript between Abraham and Wayne Dyer (regarding Law of Attraction).  He had a father who abused his mother and left them when he was super young.  He had a lot of anger about it. 

Abraham said he chose that, deliberately.  Which I understand that I chose my father being non-existent in my own life.  Which logically seems so bizarre but....like with Wayne, Abraham said Wayne wanted to grow up knowing freedom.  I'm a freedom seeker at my core just like Wayne.

So Wayne starts talking about going to his father's grave and being so angry and wanting to do something to his grave.  But he doesn't....he walks back to his car to leave (and I'm getting chills just writing this) and he decides to go back to his grave and forgive his father for everything. 

Abraham then starts telling Wayne that his father's Non-Physical energy always loved him...was always proud of him...was always appreciating him because he is Source energy but when he was on Earth....he was pinched off from it.  Which I connect with 1000% - my father - the Non-Physical energy...whether he's passed or not (I have no idea)...has always loved me...is always proud of me...is always appreciating me.  So it is like...that part that I thought wasn't part of my life...is truly there. 

In reading that transcript and in writing this post, I feel like I'm releasing SO much unconscious and conscious anger and sadness towards my non-existent father and starting to appreciate his Non-Physical self who I know is with me - no matter if his physical self is (if he is still on this Earth). 

Such huge clarity and a lot of resistance just....gone!  In a moment!

What is insane - I had a reading a couple weeks ago...and she was hitting on everything I'm doing now (even I think me writing these posts).  Anyways, one of the cards I just didn't get - it said 'Heal Family Issues.'  To be honest, I thought I had gotten over my childhood and how I grew up - or at least accepted it and the fact that I realize I actually chose it.  I had thought I'd accepted the whole 'No Father' thing...but reading Wayne's interaction with Abraham - nope - I had a ton of resistance there.  And I just let a ton of it go!  And knowing that his Non-Physical is around...makes it even more sweeter.  I feel like my life has changed today.  It feels amazing. 

Oh and in case anyone out there recognizes my father - here is a picture of him in 1976 (he would have been 21). 

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