Saturday, January 14, 2017

Money #LOA

So I haven't given a lot of thought about manifesting money because I'm at a comfortable place?  I have debt (house, car, 401k loans, student loan) but they're very low interest rates.  Since I bought my house last year, I've been trying to put any extra money towards my debt SO every paycheck comes and it is like I have no money left as I put it towards my debt which is what logically sounds like the right thing to do.

However, I realized recently - I have always felt like I live paycheck to paycheck - from my earliest earning days to even this whole last year!  Which is ridiculous but the way I'm handing the money with using all the money towards the debt, I always feel 'broke' in a sense.

And when life responds to how you feel - it gives you more of that!  So this guy at work was telling me some financial advice and none of it made sense to me but he's the one with a $500k home paid off etc.  Then he finally said something that made all the sense in the world - he said to take a year and make a nest egg of $20k and just pay your bills like normal - don't pay extra to the debt as it has low interest rates anyways.  Not sure I can do the $20k but - it made sense to me?  If I could go to the ATM or see online that I have a ton of money in there...just sitting in there - no way would I ever feel broke or that I'm living paycheck to paycheck PLUS I wouldn't have to use my credit card if some unexpected big expense came up.  Kind of went along with the Law of Attraction so I am totally game for it! 

So I am gonna start socking some extra moola into my savings account and I am going to put my full tax refund in there as well which is quite a bit.  I'm going to try it for a year to see how I feel about it. 

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