Thursday, January 5, 2017

Law of Attraction

Hi, guys!  I haven't really blogged in a while - like 'normal' blogging as in...writing about my life.  But I think I want to jump back into it as I have a pretty newfound passion that I think can help people (who are drawn to it) enrich and enhance their lives.

So my intention is have a youtube channel where I talk about daily occurrences of the law of attraction working in my life which also includes manifestations.  I also would like to write blog posts about all things of the Law of Attraction, Manifestations, Abraham-Hicks teachings, etc and my life experiences in relation to that.

So be on the look out!  I'm about to write a quick post about pivoting.  Check it out if you are so inclined.  I think it is a pretty easy beginning step in this whole law of attraction thing.  I just started trying it for myself.  So use it if you think it helps - if not - no big deal. 

By the way, a quick background - I honestly didn't care less about the Law of Attraction for a while.  I learned about The Secret a zillion years ago and I think I tried it even then and it never took.  This summer, a friend of mine kept talking about Abraham-Hicks and I'm like what is that.  Basically it is a lady (Ester Hicks) who channels non-physical entities who appear as one entity in her body and talk about the Law of Attraction and teach us the ways of the Law. 

So finally - my friend started showing me about manifesting things into our lives - there was this day where it was constant and I was amazed.  So I started doing what she was doing to manifest things.  Now manifestation is just an extension of law of attraction so eventually - I started listening to my friend about Abraham-Hicks Law of Attraction teachings.  Then I started listening to the youtube recordings (there are a ton - just search!) and I was instantly hooked at that moment.  That was the end of September 2016.  I haven't looked back.  It hasn't been an instantaneous process to happiness, joy...the perfect life basically but I'm getting there!  It gets better and better and better.  I'm getting better and better and better.  Basically, it just takes practice.  I used to be so negative has taken me a bit to get to where I am at now and I still am practicing every day and learning things every day about the Law of Attraction but I truly feel it works. 

Alright, I think I've gave enough background so I'm going to jump off of here!  Have a great day, guys!

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