Sunday, January 22, 2017

Just Trust It Is Coming - #LOA

I read something earlier on one of my Abraham Hicks Facebook groups that really hit me today especially.  I was having a hard time about...manifesting a relationship....this morning. 

So what I read was an explanation of something Abraham had said.  If your desire is strong enough, that is enough to make it manifest - because nothing will stop it.  We just get hung up with looking at how it is going to come...expecting it to come that way and thus we slow it down.

For example, someone might be coming to visit me from Ohio (I live in NE Florida).  Normally, people would go down I-95 to get to my house if coming from the North.  So I'm sitting here expecting them to come down I-95 and waiting and waiting.

Now, they are coming down from the North but had a great idea that they wanted to get me something (a present) in a place that was a little off path...over on I-75 a little more west in Georgia.  It might take a little longer and they have to go a little more off the beaten path (but still a beautiful and possibly more interesting path) to get to me.  And I might have to wait longer for them but they'll have this unexpected gift for me at the they still make their me!  So the end result is the same but ... the beauty at the end may be so much better than what you had in mind - even if it did take longer - who cares!  Enjoy yourself along the way.

Also, I had a reading back in September that this relationship - will be coming at me in an unorthodox/unexpected way and to be open to it.  So that - relates to what is going on.

I get discouraged sometimes because...I don't see it happening the way I expect - or in the time I think it should when all along - source/God has already created the perfect rendezvous (how, what, where) for me.  I just gotta TRUST.  No matter what is going on.  TRUST.  Your inner being will get you around any resistance and get you to where you are going.  Just trust. 

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