Friday, January 27, 2017

Jan 27 Manifestation Tease - #LOA

So I have to tell you what happened after the whole bathroom contrast.  I'm blown away by...the Non-Physical and what they can do.

I'm had to go to the bathroom (this is the next time after my bathroom contrast) and as I'm walking there, this military guy comes out of the men's restroom.  He said thank you to the cleaning lady (who let him use it while she waited) and he looked at me...turned to go down the hall and turned back to look at me again (did a double take). 

The guy...looked EXACTLY like my object of attention...except for the eyes.  I've never seen the guy before in my life and we don't have many people in our building.  He was built just like my guy...same height...had on military BDUs (battle dress uniform)...same hair...features...etc.!  It was insane!  I was like...walking to the bathroom in was like I was watching my guy walk down the hall...right in front of me! 

So after I use the bathroom, I come back to my desk and I'm looking for a good, upbeat song to play and all of a sudden I start thinking of my guy...and how...I had went to this concert on base was a life changing night honestly.  There is this song that the band has that I relate directly to my object of attention.  During the concert, they waited until the encore to play it - but once they did - I went all the way up front and started recording it with my phone.  Ok, this is the part that gets a little crazy so bear with me.  I go to watch it later...and the guy in front of me (there were so many I didn't even notice in the moment) - the back of his head was the spitting image of my object of attention....and here I was recording 'our' song....and then later on...I see that the lights above him...actually form a heart!  I truly felt like he was there with me even though he wasn't physically there.  Anyways, now y'all think I'm crazy but I don't care. hahaha. 

So I'm thinking of that moment of him at the concert right...and I'm wondering if that guy was the actual guy....and guess what song comes on my ipod!!!!  THAT SONG!  I about lost it right there.  I'm getting chills just typing this. 

Anyways, the way this world works just blows me away.  It truly does.  I'm wondering now...if I released some resistance with the whole bathroom thing...which allowed me to go further down my path right into a manifestation tease of my future Vortex man/relationship?  Maybe?  If so, bring on the contrast, Inner Being! LOL!  That was just a powerful moment today.  He was my object of attention's twin.  And then that song.  At the exact moment I was thinking of that song.  Unbelievable. 

Here's the pic of the heart and the guy in front of me at the concert:

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