Friday, January 27, 2017

Jan 27 - Contrast Galore! - #LOA

Just wanted to write real quick before I go to bed for the night.  Right before I left work, I did some quick rampages to get me all nice and good for the drive home.  Then as I'm walking out the door, my friend started chatting with me and this co-worker comes over and basically barfs contrast all over me.  I tried to recover to no avail.  Most of the way home I was trying to change my thoughts but it would go back to that and how I was going to take action and I had to keep telling myself that my Inner Being has it!  Don't worry about it!  You'll know what to do when Monday comes around. 

Eventually, I trusted that (and I know it - I've seen it a few times work already).  So that contrast simmered down.  The drive home wasn't too bad but I probably wasn't my perfect self.  Haha.

Then I get home...and see what caused me to have contrast in regards to my object of attention.  Just instant 'lack' feelings.  When he's not around, I do great...but when I know he's in the vicinity - my mind just takes over to the lack mode.  I do know that my desire is so big that it doesn't matter what sort of engines are on the other side.  So not a huge deal but...I was like...really Inner Being? lol  This day was contrasting enough!  I guess I did tell her to bring it on in my previous post. haha

I did recover from that when I came home - tried to focus on me, me, me and now my comfy bed is calling my name for sure.  That will ease the momentum of the day. 

Oh by the way - I am editing my previous post about the manifestation tease to include the concert pic if you wanna check it out. 

Have a great weekend guys!

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