Friday, January 20, 2017

Jan 20 #LOA

Hi, guys!  So today is a pretty normal day so far.  I will have to write a whole post on the tire stuff once it is all over and done with so you can see the difference between how I would have handled it pre-LOA and how I am handling it currently.  I understand now why my Inner Being brought me this contrast...this Achilles heel contrast!  To show me how different things can be using the Law of Attraction. 

So far nothing really interesting going on this morning.  I got a great parking spot and traffic was minimal on my way in so that is always great.  I called the local Goodyear to see if I needed an appointment (no - they just work you in).  But the receptionist hung up without saying Bye and that irked me.  LOL  I know I know!  Silly.  But...even little things I notice I guess. 

So I thought about it and started appreciating the lady because I had confirmed that they were open until 6 pm and she said to come in by 4 or else they won't be able to do it - and I actually wouldn't have came by 4 due to when I get off work.  So by her telling me that little bit of info, I was able to request to leave a little early from work.

So I'm definitely appreciative of that! 

Also, remember the little bit of contrast (well it feels big to me) from my neighbor about my object of attention?  Oh buddy...I woke up this morning with big time clarity about it.  What my neighbor told me (about a whole gossip thing with my object to attention)...actually could...cause my object of attention to move towards me.  AND...the whole gossip thing - is actually something I've been working on with the Law of Attraction...since I'm starting to get this down - could actually make me more in alignment with him...because I have a feeling...that my object of attention doesn't like...a girlfriend that gossips. 

So that is SO cool that I've been working on that for a few months - begrudgingly though as it is almost natural for me to do it to connect with my friends.  But I have started to realize when I do it - the conversation never goes in a positive direction, the conversation always falls flat, and I always feel guilty for talking about the person in a negative way.  It is starting to be more and more apparent when I'm doing it.  So lately, when that idea comes in my head to gossip (which I guess is my ego wanting to do it thinking it will make me less insecure...more cool?) - I get a sinking feeling...where I really really REALLY wanna gossip because it seems juicy...but I know...nothing good comes of it and I never feel better and always feel worse.  So really recently I've been putting the kibosh on it.  Completely.  And it is so crazy that....what I've been working on is in direct relation to something that my object of attention is dealing with right now (not sure if he's actually dealing with it - but the situation is there - not sure if he's responding to it).  If I was a guy...not really in the law of attraction mode, I'd totally be livid I think but...who knows. is a few hours later and...this SAME thing comes up again.  The inauguration is on and this guy is openly chatting about it to someone on the phone - and he has the opposite view of me so right away I'm not in a good space.  And my ego is all like...I wonder if the lady who sits in front of him is hearing this...and wants to gossip!   So I email her - and she was talking with someone so she didn't hear nothing even though it was going on for probably 15-20 minutes!  And you're not allowed to talk about that stuff here either.  So it ended and I went to the bathroom and of course, Miss Clarity Inner Being LOL...came online and kind of...was like..hey that was a gossip moment (cuz I didn't realize it haha)...I'm like shoot!  Again!  Thankfully, the lady didn't understand what was going on so...nothing happened.  But still - I actually was going to gossip!  About this guy.  To make myself feel better I guess cuz I was not in alignment with my Inner Being listening to him. 

And then I'm thinking...this is what my object of affection is dealing with....but he's dealing with it without me being in the picture which is is almost like the universe is really preparing me for him (without him being mad at me) ... which I know is good but whew.  Can I rest?  LOL 

Ok well I'm going to go ahead and post this.  I have to go get that tire looked at later so ... this might be a Part 1 and Part 2 for today...but we'll see. 

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