Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Jan 18 #LOA

Today started out sort of strange - the majority of my way in was...clear!  So that was a nice traffic pattern.  I did leave a bit earlier as I didn't have to do as much as I usually have to do in the morning.  I was feeling pretty cute - I seem to be on that kick lately.  Like, I want to look cute for myself.  I don't want to look dumpy - not that it matters either way but...for some reason...I like to put a little extra sparkle or wear a shirt that I prefer more than another one.  Usually, I honestly don't give too many hoots and in the whole scheme of things it doesn't matter but...for some reason it perks me up a bit...gets me in a better mood too which is always good.  Not sure if that is good or bad but it definitely feels inspired so to speak to wear this or that or do my makeup a certain way or my hair a certain way.  I am trying to go with the flow of this is just another extension of that.

Anyways, so I'm on my main road in my town and I'm speeding in a construction zone.  Several peeps have flown past me going probably 15-20 over and I'm only going 10 over.  In my LOUD Mustang GT.  LOL  And it is 5:45am in the morning - no big deal.  So there is this car in the fast lane kind of staying in my blind spot a big deal.  Then he slowly gets over behind me and he turns on his lights!  A cop!!!  No one else is around me at this point and I'm instantly freaked out even though I'm not afraid of them pulling me over - I think I was more in shock that it was a cop and I didn't realize it.  What was weird - he proceeds to pull over into the turn lane slowly?  And I kept going straight as....I didn't think he was really pulling me over?  It was almost like....he was pulling over a ghost.  LOL  Law of Attraction at work?  No clue.

However, it would not be the last cop I would see today.  Before noon, I would have seen 5 total cop cars including that one.  Before I go on, my object of attention is in law enforcement.  So let's just say - these are probably manifestation teases.  Hehehehe.  So I am at work and I pass by the glass door and I see a tow truck going down my street with a cop car on the back of it!  Then at lunch....a cop car pulls into the parking lot of the building across from my building...and he proceeds to get out and go into the building - it is almost like I'm watching MY object of Vortex man....go into the building.  So realistic.  At this time, I'm walking around this circle near my building - probably a minute later - 2 cop cars go by on the main road - one right after the other!  THEN....I decide to go around the circle one more time before going in (AMAZING day out)...and this truck...almost the spitting image of my object of attention's truck...drives by on the side road - tinted windows...same color truck bed box....almost spot on black muddin' tires...extended cab without the handle...color...EVERYTHING.  He stops at the light and a mustang pulls up behind him.  LOL!  Ya can't get any better than that!  I love it!

Anyways, so that was my manifestation teases so far today. 

I had some tough negotiations earlier that I had to go to and my anxiety was pretty high because I really didn't know how to handle it and handle my alignment at the same time!  I read something to send people love and that actually helps them vibrate higher?  So I sent myself love of course...and the project manager and the contractor we would be negotiating with.  In my mind, of course.  So I go in there and I'm not perfect but it seemed to flow real well.  It isn't finished yet but - something seemed to work?  So maybe I can try that from now on?  Maybe incorporate some appreciation for positive aspect for the people who are in the negotiations.  Ya know what I just thought of?  The project manager actually said out loud to us that he doesn't feel appreciated (kind of being cynical) and my instant reaction was to say I appreciate him - I said that out loud in front of him and the contractor also said that to him.  Haha...spreading the love!  I mean without him - I couldn't do my job so it was legit.  So that turned out well!  A short time later a different co-worker came by and was like I saw you in your negotiations - he said some kind words of how I seemed to be in the negotiations and it made me feel great!  Yay!  Then later on I went to chat with that same co-worker and he's like - you seem to be in a good mood.  I was doing a few rampages earlier plus I had just came in again from being outside.  Instant alignment whenever I go outside!

Lots of positive interactions with other co-workers today as well so that is great!

Ok...after lunch I'm not sure what happened but my mood went flat.  I had no idea until a co-worker was like trying to talk to me and I was quiet.  I'm not sure how that happened as I was flying pretty high there for a bit.

(Saw another cop on my way to where this story begins lol)  So I drive home and as much as I love driving the Mustang - it is a pain in traffic as you're constantly figuring out what gear to be in and slamming on your brakes while trying to keep you foot on the clutch etc.  Lots of brain work going on.  And coming off the main road onto I-95 is not great and this car (and this happens nearly every day) stops in the middle of the highway to get over to an exit that is backed up.  And I'm right behind him.  I know this happens so I'm prepared for it but the guy behind me apparently isn't.  He didn't hit me but I was flipping out to say the least.  I got really upset.  Like crying upset and I have this weird app that I don't know where it came from on my phone called Moto and at random times it will just pop up and ask questions like What do you need?  Etc.  It did that right when that all happened and I was bursting into tears and it asked what I needed and I said 'Object of Affection' I need YOU!  And then right then it went to search for what I just said on google and as it was switching to google - it showed my Waze app (which I had on) and it showed all these cops on the side of the road.  Remember he's in law enforcement.  It was almost like a wink like - he is here - and he was there ALL DAY LONG (cops everywhere all day) cuz I guess he knew it was going to happen.  By the way, there were NO cops anywhere like Waze was saying? 

Sometimes I swear the universe puts me into a lower vibration so I can attract contrast like this!  I'm still unclear why that all happened.  It could be helping me confirm to the universe that I want that job I applied for in Georgia instead of the promotion where I'm currently at.  Heck, I haven't heard about any of them so I'm not sure what is going on!  So it is unclear to me why the contrast happened also showed me that the Non-Physical is there with me no matter what. 

Then I come home...the way I configured my garage this weekend - I can no longer get my trash can in and out of my garage without pulling out my one car first.  This added to my earlier contrast...then when I pulled that car out - I realized my one tire is low...super low.  And I told my Inner Being in front of God and everyone in that moment - you know car trouble is my Achilles heel!!!!!  What is this!   It probably needs replaced as I ran over a kitchen cabinet on the highway (from a dump truck) a few months ago.  Ok, I have probably complained more than I should have in this post so I won't go any further on WHY it gets worse. 

So I'm in a funk about it...that specifically.  I know it sounds like not a big deal but...right in this moment it is.  I don't know what all this contrast is about.  Maybe to keep me entertained while my manifestations are brewing?  lol  I mean seriously...I really don't get it. 

Ok, guys.  I hope your days are going great! 

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