Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Jan 17 #LOA

So first, I'd like to say Happy Birthday to my mom!  She's 71 on 1-17-17!  Gotta love the numbers!

So, I'd like to start out by telling ya how it went after I decided to not thinking about relationships or my object of attention (as discussed in yesterday's post).

It actually didn't go to bad.  I kind of spent a few hours after that just mindlessly staring into space.  I like to do that.  Didn't think about too much. 

But going to bed is the time where - it gets a little sketchy.  I had lots of coffee that day, took a nap, and went to bed super early so my mind was going non-stop.  And I wouldn't really recognize what it was doing until I was so far.  I'd be thinking of something completely different and it would go into being with my object of attention, etc.  Ack!  And so I had to stop and try to figure out what to think of instead which is really hard because thinking of him is probably the most powerful thing I can think about so unthinking that - is not the easiest thing in the world.  But I kept trying - and yeah my mind kept routing back to him here or there but I eventually got to sleep.

I know my thinking of all that won't go away instantly so I just gotta know that things will get better and better. 

Then this morning, I was listening to my ipod on my way to work.  I realized that the majority of the songs are relationship/love songs.  Doh!  So I turned that off and turned on the radio for...random songs.  Well, the radio at one point had NOTHING good on or just love songs.  So I'm like fine - back to the ipod.  So it is on this one song when I turn it on and instantly turn it to the next song...and it is THE number one song I relate to my object to attention.  Thanks, Universe.  LOL  Not really helping a girl out here.  hahahaha 

Nah, but I had a good crack up about it so that was good.  Also, saw a plate with 000 - so I'm in alignment!  I also got MY spot at work - even though the parking lot was packed!  And the door to my building near my desk was actually unlocked (most of the time it isn't) so I didn't have to walk around.  Yay!   So far so good!

So....I was reading the transcript between Abraham and Wayne Dyer.  BIG time clarity and releasing resistance just reading what Abraham said to Wayne Dyer about his father loving him in the Non-Physical.  I will have to write a separate post on what clarity I got on that in relation to my own father who I have never met.  WOW.  I have had almost non-stop chills.  Guys - if you are on Facebook - go join THIS group and read the files.  TONS of transcripts/information regarding the Law of Attraction there.

Ok guys - back to the manifesting a relationship dealo.  Ok, I'm still getting signs from what I consider to be my object of attention's Non-Physical...so I'm wondering if...maybe I'm supposed to just let go of the idea of a relationship in general - not to necessarily stop thinking of him (object of attention) when the urge hits?  I can have feelings for someone but not necessarily have to think about the future with them...and how it is going to be or what it is going to look like (relationship or not?)...I can just enjoy thinking about them.  So I think that is what I'm going to do.  And not think about relationships at all. 

I'm going to end this post now as it is getting pretty long.  I'm going to post the father post as well I think.  HUGE clarity and letting go of resistance. 

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