Monday, January 16, 2017

Jan 16 #LOA & #Sunrise Pics

Ok guys if you saw my last post you're probably wondering - did anything happen?!!!!  No, it did not.  lol  And it is okay!  He actually left shortly after that and didn't come back.  I was just very appreciative because I got a chance to get so excited - like honestly never before which is so cool. 

Just seeing him for a moment, it made me really appreciate him and probably prepave/fill in my grid a bit more - as if I need to do that anymore as I've been doing that for a good 9 months probably (some months without realizing it and not to mention my whole life prepaving the type of relationship I want).  I was definitely on a pretty high disk when that went down happy and exhilarated! 

Then later on there were a lot of cool nature moments where nature was playing with me....a heron decided to hang out on a powerline which is super weird cuz they are bigger birds and have these long legs.  It was a funny sight!  Then I went to Walmart and as I was shopping I noticed a lizard in my cart!  Thankfully, he made it through my shopping trip and I was able to get him safely outside.  Then when I was outside later about to post about the nature stuff on a Facebook group, this crazy bird comes out of nowhere behind my house...nosedives in front of me to my pond and is squawking!   Birds aren't around too much and they sure don't squawk or nosedive!  So funny!

I went to Walmart last night as I felt a nudge from my Inner Being/Higher Self to do that.  I wasn't going to argue as I needed to get food for the week and really didn't want to go this morning (I normally like to grocery shop early morning when I'm off from work).  I wanted to sleep in.

Well....sleeping in didn't quite work out.  I actually kept waking up - having weird dreams - probably not in alignment at all!  And in fact, I think I even cried at one point because I was thinking of manifesting my relationship and what if it didn't happen.  Yeah - not in the best place.  Logically, I know something with someone will eventually come into my experience but my state of mind was not even entertaining the logic.  It just wanted to feel like poop.  I mean you got to understand - I've been conditioned for most of my 39 years to complain and be negative and doubt everything in life.  3 1/2 months of practicing this Law of Attraction stuff ain't gonna knock it all out!  It is going to take time. 

Anyways, so I got up around 5 or 530am I think and got me some coffee - I had bought some of my favorite coffee (Cinnamon Dunkin' Donuts) at Walmart yesterday so the coffee really put me in a better place.  Eventually, it was time for breakfast...this was around 7am.  Before I went to do that, I looked out front for some reason and saw the sky.  It was gorgeous the way the clouds were and I realized the sun hasn't really come up yet.  So then I hear my Inner Being/Higher Self telling me to Go Go Go!!!!!  to the beach and see the sunrise!  Like she literally wouldn't shut up about it.  And here I was thinking...yeah but I just drank a pot of coffee and I'll have to go potty when I get there blah blah blah. then I googled on my phone when the sunrise was...7:24am.  It was 7:02.  Takes me about 15 minutes to get there.  Kind of perfect timing really.  So I'm like Okay lol...I'm trying to go with the inspired action and I know the pictures I would take would be amazing and I didn't have to stay long even if I did have to go to the potty (I did lol).  And I could see if I could find some sharks teeth too while I was there (I didn't). 

So I went...and the views were a-freakin'-amazing.  I love sunrises but when there are clouds too - it kind of gives a different view than normal so I was loving it!  And NO ONE was on the beach as most people work today (I have the day off).  So it was such a peaceful experience!  I mainly stood there and just stared at the beauty.  I did walk a little bit checking out the shells but I mainly wanted to soak in the sunrise and the clouds and the ocean.  It was incredible.  Right before I left, I stood there looking at it all just appreciating everything...the view...the ocean...the beach...the people I said Mornin' to when I was walking back (yes, there were a couple peeps out there) Inner Being/Higher Self for nudging me...well pushing me LMAO to go....It was what I needed after my crying spell this morning.  The universe really does take care of you when you go through your negative emotions.  It is all there for a reason.  Hopefully I released some resistance?  I'm not sure.  I think I'm also scared that I'm still attached to the idea of being with someone - I want to be comfortable even if I am never with someone, ya know?  Again, 39 years of conditioning doesn't go away overnight and I know every day I'm getting better and better at this! 

So if I get any more clarity or if anything more interesting happens later today, I will let you guys know.  I'll show you some of the pictures I took this morning.  Breathtaking!

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