Sunday, January 15, 2017

Jan 15 #LOA #Manifesting a #Relationship

Today has been a pretty chill day so far.  I've been able to chillax for a long while reading magazines outside after church and drinking coffee - some of my favorite activities all rolled into one!  Beautiful, beautiful day out here in Florida.  I just can't be out of the Vortex when I'm out in my backyard.  I was actually thinking to myself that I actually like it better than being on the beach (10 minutes away).  I know, shocker right?  There are so many great aspects to it - and the #1 - it is ultra convenient. 

Anyways, I have to tell you guys that - I've been trying to manifest a Vortex man.  I do believe I know who it is going to be but I am open to whoever.  I love how the universe throws me manifestation driftwood/teases along the way.  I mean - I haven't always appreciated them but I am starting to REALLY enjoy it.  Like today when I got home from church, I was going through my mail and there was junk mail from an RV 'club' - my object of attention...has a camper.  I just looked at it and appreciated it as that is my future...getting mail like that because that will be part of my life!

Another manifestation tease so to speak is...I was outside and watched SEVERAL trucks with boats go by.  My object of attention used to have a boat and loves fishing and I want a boat and can see us with one.  So it just got me thinking about that.  Then there was a truck and an SUV that went by that were hauling 4wheelers - which is what he's into and what I would love to do in the future.  More teases!  Yes, please. 

Also, something happened I think before church.  I feel like me and my object of attention are getting to a place where - it is almost like reality and the Vortex are so intertwined that I can't decipher one from the other in that moment if that makes sense?  No, we are not physically together however the feeling/emotion/thought/place of being - is SO real.  And it was BEYOND real today at one point where I was another world pretty much.  Like I was completely in my Vortex with him.  I know that sounds weird but it makes me wonder if it is getting super close if I can't decipher one reality from the other.  The physical reality from the Vortex reality.  Kind of interesting.  Just thought I'd tell y'all about it!

 Alright, guys.  I'm gonna go eat lunch and see what else this day holds for me.  Have a great Sunday!

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