Saturday, January 14, 2017

Jan 14 #LOA #Gridwork #Contrast

Today is so far a pretty quiet day.  I don't have much planned for this weekend (3 day weekend) but my week was pretty busy so I'm good with that.  I did plan on reorganizing my garage shelving/boxes and gathering up my tax stuff and doing my taxes.  Also, I'm sort of writing a book which I have no clue if it will ever come to fruition but I feel guided to write it so I've been working on that as well.

So the morning was decent - wasn't feeling amazing waking up but that is okay.  I think I was a bit overwhelmed when it came to gathering my info for my taxes.  And then when I did a rough calculation of my tax return - it went down even further than it was.  I was probably in a funky place at that time - probably could have tried to move my attention to something more positive but I wasn't in a Law of Attraction mode for some reason.  I was in my 'normal before Abe' mode.  Oops.

Then I decided to go and work out the garage shelving/boxes.  I wanted to move it all down a bit so I could open my 4Runner's passenger door better.  I ended up doing it super fast...and using some Tetris techniques.  LOL  Not bad.  My neighbor interacted with me for a second as he wanted me to call him as he couldn't find his phone but found it right when I went to go get my phone.  But I wasn't interacting with him very jubilantly.  But he was being very happy towards me which is somewhat unusual.

So I was/am probably currently in a slight funk.  So my neighbor...has an old girlfriend over and they went 4wheeling which totally makes me have FOMO instantly and it almost puts me in a place of unworthiness.  Like lately - that has been what is going on - stuff where I care about what others think of me....and feelings of unworthiness but logically and through this LOA stuff, I know I'm worthy and I love myself so much so I was in a space of why is this coming up?  But I tried to look at it as an opportunity to pick the stick up at a higher place next time this comes up.

Yes, those feelings are there because those are the belief systems I grew up learning.  They don't go away overnight.  And they show up from time to time.  But if you can look at them and leave them in a better place - the next time those feelings come up - they'll be where you left them off at (at a higher better place) until eventually - poof!  They disappear altogether. 

So I started looking at all that.  What do I want in relation to what my neighbor was doing that set me off?  I want to go 4wheeling.  I want to have a nice house in the country with lots of wooded land around it that I own where I could every day after work and on the weekends go 4wheeling out there by myself or with friends or with my partner.  I want a partner who likes all that stuff - who will not only take me places to go 4wheeling but will be a part of my plan of having a country home and he will know how to fix 4wheelers and drive 4wheelers so he can teach me.

Then I realized - I just filled my grid in some more.  THAT is why that happened.  Plus...when I pick up that stick again later - it will be at a higher place I believe. 

Uhhhh!!!  So I was just about to post this as I had no idea anything else would happen.  So I had a manifestation tease of my Vortex man!!!!   I was supposed to have a lawn service done by my pest people and this guy from the place rings my doorbell and he's super cute and he's acting all nervous so he must not quite up to speed with me vibrationally LOL but I was fine with him!  No nervousness from me.  He was trying to be professional but he did tell me where he lived and talked about his grass and he said he was the supervisor so he has a good job!  I forgot to look for a ring.  Will have to start trying to do that.  But thank you, universe, for giving me this manifestation tease!  The men are just getting better and better!!!! 

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