Friday, January 13, 2017

Jan 13 2017 #LOA

So today actually started out pretty decent.  I was feeling happy and all. 

Just had contrast though and I'm like how did that happen!

A guy...did something not very nice towards me.  Won't go into the details because then I'm reliving it - which I really don't wanna do.  And I'm like - how did I bring that into my space as I had been happy!

So I thought about it, when he did it to me - I was going to the bathroom for the 100th time of the day.  I go a lot probably mainly due to my coffee consumption.  And it gets quite annoying having to get up all the time to walk to the bathroom.  So....I guess maybe I was annoyed at that point but wasn't fully aware?  And then it brought in something else that was annoying? lol  Oh boy - I'm getting pretty darn sensitive, eh? 

Whew.  So I guess maybe whenever I go to the bathroom, I need to appreciate the fact that I can walk to the bathroom, it isn't that far, and there is an actual bathroom to use! 

Ooooo I just read something that relates to this.  You can't control what disk those people you are interacting are on and how they think of you when they're on that disk.  So basically, you really shouldn't take it personally because their perception of you is not accurate as Source isn't on that low disk - Source is on the high flying disk. day ended up getting back to where it was a natural, calm, happy state....which I kind of quite enjoy.  Like for a couple weeks, I've been in a sort of teeter totter between boredom and contentment but I had no inspired action going on so...I sort of just sat with it.

Then came this busy week which I'm so appreciative of and of course - contrast! lol  But hey - gotta shoot them rockets of desire out for bigger and better desires!  And I'm sure I've conquered some resistance while I was at it here or there maybe.

Anyways, I'll leave it at that for now.  I just thought of telling you about contrast I had a couple years ago that honestly sort of changed my life - with my hair.  LOL is important!  hehehe  So watch for that.

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