Friday, January 13, 2017

Contrast - My Hair - #LOA I got such a compliment on my hair - my friend at work was admiring my hair and saying she liked it and the color was so unique.

Which got me thinking!

My hair color is unique because I'm actually growing my gray out.  It is pretty much all grown out except for the ends.  My normal hair color is an ashy brown. 

When my gray started coming in years ago (late 20s/early 30s), I started to dye it.  Now, it is pricey - $75 to $150 depending on if you get just the roots, highlights, and/or a cut as well.  Back when I was in Omaha, I was going to the salon ever 6 weeks but really should have been going every 2-4 weeks, the roots were getting THAT obvious.  That is a lot of money!  But I kept it up.

So fast forward to 2 1/2 years ago when I moved to Jacksonville.  At the time, no one really recommended a hair stylist so I kind of let it go for 2 months - not a huge deal but I knew I had to get it done at 2 months.  At the 2 months mark, I had to go back to Omaha to meet the movers to move my stuff to Jacksonville.  I had scheduled a late afternoon appointment with my regular stylist.  So the packers/movers came.  The stuff was basically already packed (I had it in a 10x10 storage unit) but they had to do all that extra stuff.  They took forever!  And the movers came late to throw it in the truck.  I ended up missing my hair appointment.  I was livid!  Heck, I was livid the whole day because of how slow/late they were.  But as Abraham always says, things are always working out for us.  Even if it is 2 1/2 years later where I finally see the diamond in the rock.

So I missed my hair appointment which is what I was really mad about.  I had to leave early the next morning so no way was I gonna get my hair done.  The next day, as planned, I took a short trip to Chicago and then to see my mom in Dayton.  When I was out to eat with my mom, I guess I was talking to her about my hair.  She said something that changed my life (along with me not getting my hair done) - she said to go ahead and grow it out (my gray) as my hair color would blend in well with it.  Totally stuck in my mind. 

So when I got back to Jacksonville, that is exactly what I did!  It was super hard for a few months as you have this stripe and people didn't hold back on 'making fun of me' but I didn't let them affect me!  It was either go big or go home!  I mostly decided to do it was SO costly and such a time suck (sometimes the dying process takes 5 hours!) and it was becoming a twice a month thing because the roots were so obvious!  No, thanks! 

And so here we are 2 1/2 years later and I'm getting amazing compliments like I had today.  My hair is SO healthy now, too.  My curls are so much more relaxed and beautiful looking as well.  I guess the dye affects it somehow.  Also, as you know, I moved to Jacksonville, FL.  So I'm basically out in the sun ALL THE TIME.  Guess what the sun does?  It actually turns the gray hair blonde!  Yes, I'm serious.  I had no clue!  It is like that one day of awful contrast....changed the direction of my look of my hair being more natural, healthier, and beautiful but also a life of less hassle as I never have to go to the salon hardly except for a cut when I feel like it!  And the money saved!!!!!  Like I said above - things are always working out for you.  You may not know it right away - but eventually, you'll know it!  Just go with the flow of life no matter what - follow inspired action - and do what you LOVE!

Here is a picture of me today:

And this one is me this summer - you can see here better how the sun turns my hair blonde.  

This picture is of me with my dyed hair in 2011 or 2012?  You can even see my gray roots.  haha!


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