Friday, January 27, 2017

Being Judgmental - #LOA

I posted earlier today about...a nice contrasting moment.  So I was reading up on contrast again because...this seemed like something I needed to really look at.  Abraham says that contrast is there to clarify what you want. 

The big thing from that contrast is that I determined what I want.  I want to be non-judgmental.  The main point of Law of Attraction is to get to a point where you are unconditional in how you are.  Unconditional loving ... unconditionally happy... unconditionally being.  You cannot be that if you are judging others! 

I thought I'd been doing pretty good in that aspect (not judging which goes along with not gossiping funny enough)...but I'm still obviously doing it in other ways. 

I do it with my car as well - I think my car is better than other cars as well.  That will take time for sure! 

There are probably other areas as well!  Judging is so ingrained in us, ain't it?  I'll get there.  I'm doing better and better every day.  It is interesting to get the clarity about it.  Thanks, Inner Being.  Conquering some resistance one little step at a time!  :)

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