Thursday, January 5, 2017

Attracting the Best Out of People - Law of Attraction

As I get further into the Law of Attraction, learning and better about my alignment each day, I'm starting to really notice I'm only really seeing the best out of people when they are around me.  As in, their happiness...their humor....their joy...that is all I see or that is all they show me.  Not 100% as I'm not completely in alignment all the time but it is starting to be like that more and more.  So my interactions with people I know and even strangers are so amazing and such a joy now! 

Another thing Abraham says is - if the person/people are so negative that there aren't any positive factors to bring forth, the universe won't bring them in your circle - they'll make them go away basically.  Like if you enter a crowd, the really negative people will gravitate away from you and the ones that are in harmony with your vibration will come to you.

I just read that on one of the Facebook groups and I could SO relate to this!!!!

New Years Eve, I went to a neighbor's party and there were neighbors there and then his friends.  This group of girls kind of were huddling around each other - not really talking to anyone else at the party.  Me and my new alignment is a lot more interested in getting to know everyone to see what kind of awesome conversations I can conjure up (seriously I find it so interesting to do this nowadays).   So here or there I'd try to enter in their conversation in some way by being interested in what they're saying or asking a question here or there or something.  Walls up EVERYWHERE.  They weren't having none of me.  They continued to stay far away from me.  It was the oddest thing.  But then the other people there all gravitated to me and we had many awesome, hilarious (belly laughing) conversations.  Looking back, I was sort of bummed I couldn't connect with those girls but now I realize - there is a reason.  They just aren't where I'm at and couldn't even get close to where I was.  And to not take it personally. 

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