Thursday, January 12, 2017

12 Jan 2017 Contrast Galore #LOA

Ok, guys.  This post will be short because I don't want to talk negatively but contrast at my work is coming at me from left and right and I'm trying to get to a better place but more contrast keeps coming. 

I think music is probably the only thing that can possibly help me and maybe some appreciation - which I tried slightly earlier but it is hard when you're in such a contrasting vibration to reach for thoughts of appreciation (in my experience).  Music definitely can distract my mind in such a way for a minute - and then I can reach for those thoughts of appreciation to hopefully change my course of the day! 

Will update later if I think about it.  Whew!  Have a good day y'all. 

P.S.  One good thing today....they changed a tower or something and I now have cell service in my building at work!!  Full usage etc!  YAY!!!!   Ok....I'm feeling better just thinking about it.  :) 

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