Thursday, January 12, 2017

11 Jan 2017 Use of #LOA Part 1

I had the idea just now to maybe try to write daily on how I use the Law of Attraction within a normal day.  So here goes my first post! 

I actually started last night consciously putting out my intentions for the next day (all green lights, no traffic in my way, good day at work, happy people I encounter, dentist visit goes well, church tonight is fun, etc.).

Needless to say, I had all green lights except one (20 lights on my way in approximately with at least 4-5 of them being the brutal long lasting waits).  Score!  Pretty close to my intention!  Traffic was clear the whole way except on base where I work but I was able to get over into a free flowing lane at one point to be able to eventually turn (it is 3 lanes and I was in the farthest lane I needed to be). 

I think I forgot to say something about parking spots because....I did not get my usual good one..or even another decent one but I did have to park slightly farther away than normal but got one where no one could park on one side (which is what I like).  So even though I didn't get the best spot, I was appreciative to get any spot where only on person could park next to me. 

I learned something new yesterday that is somewhat like driftwood (things that appear before the manifestation) - but this guy called it a manifestation tease.  Things/circumstances that happen before the manifestation such as if you're trying to get a relationship to manifest, guys will come into your life but they may not be the right guy or they might come in and show interest but then disappear just as quickly as they appeared...etc.  This has been happening to me since I started the whole Law of Attraction thing.  Also, another type of manifestation tease in regards to relationships might be guys (that may not the love of your life lol) messaging you (text, fb, call).  Because that is what you want your guy in your Vortex to do.  So the universe is teasing you, BUT you may not react in the best way. 

Like for example, I have a guy who actually recently proposed to me via a Christmas card (manifestation tease? yes I think so lol).  I let him down bluntly but kindly.  He continues to message me A LOT via fb and text.  I actually have been SUPER annoyed with a lot of it.  Cuz he's still flirting with me and stuff.  Sometimes I like responding and talking with him.  But actually ALL the messages are a manifestation tease because....would I be annoyed with some of the messages from my Vortex man?  Um, no.  I probably wouldn't be regardless if there are a lot or not - and honestly, I would prefer a TON than hardly any.  So why am I getting my panties in a wad at this guy - being a manifestation tease!  Me being annoyed - is telling the universe that I don't want my Vortex man to message me  hardly ever!   Which is NOT what I want to be putting out to the universe.  SO the solution is to be appreciative of the messages - no matter who it is!  Because the universe will bring me MORE of that - not necessarily from that particular guy - but possibly from my REAL manifestation!  Who knew!  I have to admit - I learned this manifestation tease stuff yesterday and understood it but found a couple texts from that guy this morning and my instant reaction was not great.  LOL  So it is a habit I need to revise for sure.  But good to know that, right?  Clarity is EVERYTHING!!!!!

So anyways, sorry for sidetracking there but there was another manifestation tease in regards to my Vortex man.  I was walking to the bathroom and a HOT military guy was walking towards me who I've never seen in my building which is really unusual because I've basically seen everyone (not a huge building).  I was at the bathroom before I could interact with the guy but....I definitely stopped for a moment and appreciated the manifestation tease. 

Then after that, I went into the break room to heat up some food.  There was a guy in there who is politically different than pretty much everyone else in the office.  LOL  Basically, our tv in the break room is on one news channel and he always changes it to another and hides the remote and everything.  It is so funny.  Anyways, so he's in there and I'm like Hi and he's like how are you and I'm like good and you and he starts talking about his food and I have a short convo with him about that and then he says something about the Exxon guy getting 180 million to leave the company or something and all I'm thinking is 'Yes, I have 180 million' - just how you think when you're doing the Law of Attraction stuff LOL and so I said 'Nice!'  and he said sarcastically 'Yeah' LOL!  I mean I wasn't even being political but I'm like - Good for that guy because of the law of attraction!  We should always celebrate someone else's success!!!  Anyways, so then I was leaving and I said Enjoy to that guy as parting words (to enjoy his food) and he's like Yep.  So I think I was pretty much in the Vortex with that convo.  I seem to do pretty well with convos with people at work - being high vibration/in alignment.  Friends are another story I think because I'm so used to the way those vibrations are, I almost automatically get down to that level?  I definitely am finding new tools to use in those convos and I'm getting better and better at it the more I have the convos. 

A little later, I was walking to the bathroom and I was 'dancing' with this guy (the hallway was too small and we both were trying to go the same way) - it was the guy from my one story (HERE).  We just laughed and he actually touched me on the shoulder in a nice way so that was good.  Then I got a really awesome compliment on my dress in the bathroom! 

Ok, guys I swear I was going to write about the whole day but - that didn't happen.  My day got away from me and here it is the 12th!  There were some additional things that happened but this post is long enough!  I do want to tell you about how my alignment got wonky at church so I'll do a Part 2 about that and what I learned and what to do in the future so look out for that! 

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