Monday, January 30, 2017

Abraham Hicks | Don't speak about your goals, desires and ideas to others

I absolutely find this to be true.  When you tell others, even if they don't say it or actually feel that way, you tend to know how supportive (and doubtful) they've been in the past and based on that, you put that on them (that they doubt your idea/wish/dream/goal) - which in turn - puts the engine on the wrong side of the train and especially in the beginning of the idea/wish/dream/goal, this could just snuff it out completely because the momentum hasn't even gotten a hold of yet.  Try to keep things to yourself no matter how excited you are of the idea/wish/dream/goal.  It is hard to do but it is worth it to keep that dream alive.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Jan 27 - Contrast Galore! - #LOA

Just wanted to write real quick before I go to bed for the night.  Right before I left work, I did some quick rampages to get me all nice and good for the drive home.  Then as I'm walking out the door, my friend started chatting with me and this co-worker comes over and basically barfs contrast all over me.  I tried to recover to no avail.  Most of the way home I was trying to change my thoughts but it would go back to that and how I was going to take action and I had to keep telling myself that my Inner Being has it!  Don't worry about it!  You'll know what to do when Monday comes around. 

Eventually, I trusted that (and I know it - I've seen it a few times work already).  So that contrast simmered down.  The drive home wasn't too bad but I probably wasn't my perfect self.  Haha.

Then I get home...and see what caused me to have contrast in regards to my object of attention.  Just instant 'lack' feelings.  When he's not around, I do great...but when I know he's in the vicinity - my mind just takes over to the lack mode.  I do know that my desire is so big that it doesn't matter what sort of engines are on the other side.  So not a huge deal but...I was like...really Inner Being? lol  This day was contrasting enough!  I guess I did tell her to bring it on in my previous post. haha

I did recover from that when I came home - tried to focus on me, me, me and now my comfy bed is calling my name for sure.  That will ease the momentum of the day. 

Oh by the way - I am editing my previous post about the manifestation tease to include the concert pic if you wanna check it out. 

Have a great weekend guys!

Jan 27 Manifestation Tease - #LOA

So I have to tell you what happened after the whole bathroom contrast.  I'm blown away by...the Non-Physical and what they can do.

I'm had to go to the bathroom (this is the next time after my bathroom contrast) and as I'm walking there, this military guy comes out of the men's restroom.  He said thank you to the cleaning lady (who let him use it while she waited) and he looked at me...turned to go down the hall and turned back to look at me again (did a double take). 

The guy...looked EXACTLY like my object of attention...except for the eyes.  I've never seen the guy before in my life and we don't have many people in our building.  He was built just like my guy...same height...had on military BDUs (battle dress uniform)...same hair...features...etc.!  It was insane!  I was like...walking to the bathroom in was like I was watching my guy walk down the hall...right in front of me! 

So after I use the bathroom, I come back to my desk and I'm looking for a good, upbeat song to play and all of a sudden I start thinking of my guy...and how...I had went to this concert on base was a life changing night honestly.  There is this song that the band has that I relate directly to my object of attention.  During the concert, they waited until the encore to play it - but once they did - I went all the way up front and started recording it with my phone.  Ok, this is the part that gets a little crazy so bear with me.  I go to watch it later...and the guy in front of me (there were so many I didn't even notice in the moment) - the back of his head was the spitting image of my object of attention....and here I was recording 'our' song....and then later on...I see that the lights above him...actually form a heart!  I truly felt like he was there with me even though he wasn't physically there.  Anyways, now y'all think I'm crazy but I don't care. hahaha. 

So I'm thinking of that moment of him at the concert right...and I'm wondering if that guy was the actual guy....and guess what song comes on my ipod!!!!  THAT SONG!  I about lost it right there.  I'm getting chills just typing this. 

Anyways, the way this world works just blows me away.  It truly does.  I'm wondering now...if I released some resistance with the whole bathroom thing...which allowed me to go further down my path right into a manifestation tease of my future Vortex man/relationship?  Maybe?  If so, bring on the contrast, Inner Being! LOL!  That was just a powerful moment today.  He was my object of attention's twin.  And then that song.  At the exact moment I was thinking of that song.  Unbelievable. 

Here's the pic of the heart and the guy in front of me at the concert:

Being Judgmental - #LOA

I posted earlier today about...a nice contrasting moment.  So I was reading up on contrast again because...this seemed like something I needed to really look at.  Abraham says that contrast is there to clarify what you want. 

The big thing from that contrast is that I determined what I want.  I want to be non-judgmental.  The main point of Law of Attraction is to get to a point where you are unconditional in how you are.  Unconditional loving ... unconditionally happy... unconditionally being.  You cannot be that if you are judging others! 

I thought I'd been doing pretty good in that aspect (not judging which goes along with not gossiping funny enough)...but I'm still obviously doing it in other ways. 

I do it with my car as well - I think my car is better than other cars as well.  That will take time for sure! 

There are probably other areas as well!  Judging is so ingrained in us, ain't it?  I'll get there.  I'm doing better and better every day.  It is interesting to get the clarity about it.  Thanks, Inner Being.  Conquering some resistance one little step at a time!  :)

Jan 27 Paper Towels #Contrast - #LOA

Hey guys!  I've been a bit MIA from posting any blogs - I only really do it if I feel inspired to do it so I haven't posted anything.  I've honestly been high flying for the most part of this week which I haven't been consistently since right before I manifested my Mustang (end of Nov/beg of Dec).  So it was/is nice!  Before that, I've been in a state of ... I would almost say just a steady vibration/flying disk...not too high but in a decent place.  A lot of times I did teeter totter between the emotional scale of boredom and contentment.  But it really got me to really hone in on my guidance from my Higher Self/Inner Being so those times are good.

So let's talk about today!  Contrast, contrast, contrast! 

The drive in to work was okay.  Nothing too crazy going on.  Actually, it was probably pretty smooth and then I got my parking spot.  Yay!

Oh right before that, contrast!  I pulled into the parking lot and had to go through this section where there was nobody parked to pull into where I need to park when this car is actually heading out of my parking lot (which is weird one goes out at that time?) and he doesn't have his lights on so I really didn't see him until I almost pulled out right in front of him where he would have t-boned me.  I was slightly shaken up not to mention annoyed that this almost transpired.  And now that I think about it, I think there was a moment early on my drive where ... I won't go into the story would have slowed me down a bit but...I made sure it didn't.  Had I just went with ease and let things happen the way they were meant to happen...the 'almost getting hit' wouldn't have happened.  I'm getting better with traffic and listening to the guidance but...there are still moments I don't. 

So I park and I'm so frazzled, I end up driving my car too far forward and scraping the under carriage.  Really!  I looked and there wasn't any damage but wow. 

So I tried to switch things around and try thinking better thoughts.  I walk to my building and the door was actually open for once so that was great!  The day started getting better - just good conversations etc. 

But...just now...I had to go to the bathroom.  I had just went so I was annoyed a bit.  But I felt like my Inner Being was like GO now!  Like yelling at me.  Like there was some rendezvous I had to meet up with.  Oh boy, was there. Thanks a lot, Inner Being!

So my restroom...has a paper towel holder that ... a lot of times - you have to touch the dial to get any paper towels...and then your hands are tainted with whoever's germs just touched it.  I always, after drying my hands, try to make sure there is a bit of paper towel hanging out for the next person.  Not many others do that here and it does annoy me.  So I'm in there and this other lady is in there.  So I pull the paper towels and of course it is stuck so I have to use my paper towels to pull it down for her...and I haven't even dried my hands yet so I was super annoyed at this point as she's coming and she has the nerve as I'm pulling down the dial with my dripping wet hands still...saying in a not great tone 'Don't leave me hanging' - as if I NEVER do that...and everyone else does!  I've been doing this for 2 1/2 years of being here....and someone has the nerve to say that to me - AND doesn't even say thank you either by the way.  I just left immediately without saying a word to her.  I was like WTH...What is this, Inner Being?  I guess it is probably due to my overall annoyance about the paper towels...and that brought that on.  I know...sounds ridiculous but it irked me. 

But then I went in to the breakroom to heat up my food and this other lady comes in and I say hi to her even though I just wanted to be left alone after that bathroom contrast and she starts up a nice conversation.  How did I attract that?  LOL

So I'm currently trying to figure out the bathroom stuff - I want to NEVER do that again...never help others out with the paper towels.  It probably came at me because I have judgment towards others who don't do what I do.  Maybe my Inner Being wants me to be less judgmental about it?  Because the lady was probably showing my judgment to me even though I was the one that actually pulls down the paper towels!  So how do I get over the judgment. 

Lemme talk this out.  I see people who don't do that as rude.  They're rude because...they don't think of others.  But ... who cares if they are rude?  That is on them and they are attracting more of that into their lives.  I only attract it when my vibe is off - and I am aware of it as well which I'm appreciative of - these people aren't they keep attracting it and attracting it.  I can do something about it.  So this type of behavior will be less and less and less in my environment as I work on keeping a higher vibration....which includes not judging people's behavior (whether they are present or not) and accepting the situation for what it is and if I get annoyed by no paper towels - then I need to find something to appreciate.  It gives me the opportunity to go back to my desk and put on some nice smelling hand sanitizer and it makes me appreciate when there are paper towels ready to go. 

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Abraham Hicks �� Dont Worry! It Is Alright To Feel Bad Sometimes!

Just Trust It Is Coming - #LOA

I read something earlier on one of my Abraham Hicks Facebook groups that really hit me today especially.  I was having a hard time about...manifesting a relationship....this morning. 

So what I read was an explanation of something Abraham had said.  If your desire is strong enough, that is enough to make it manifest - because nothing will stop it.  We just get hung up with looking at how it is going to come...expecting it to come that way and thus we slow it down.

For example, someone might be coming to visit me from Ohio (I live in NE Florida).  Normally, people would go down I-95 to get to my house if coming from the North.  So I'm sitting here expecting them to come down I-95 and waiting and waiting.

Now, they are coming down from the North but had a great idea that they wanted to get me something (a present) in a place that was a little off path...over on I-75 a little more west in Georgia.  It might take a little longer and they have to go a little more off the beaten path (but still a beautiful and possibly more interesting path) to get to me.  And I might have to wait longer for them but they'll have this unexpected gift for me at the they still make their me!  So the end result is the same but ... the beauty at the end may be so much better than what you had in mind - even if it did take longer - who cares!  Enjoy yourself along the way.

Also, I had a reading back in September that this relationship - will be coming at me in an unorthodox/unexpected way and to be open to it.  So that - relates to what is going on.

I get discouraged sometimes because...I don't see it happening the way I expect - or in the time I think it should when all along - source/God has already created the perfect rendezvous (how, what, where) for me.  I just gotta TRUST.  No matter what is going on.  TRUST.  Your inner being will get you around any resistance and get you to where you are going.  Just trust. 

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Stop Explaining Yourself - #LOA

Jan 21 #LOA My Dream Last Night

So...this early morning - I wake up about 1:30am.  Not sure why but...I've been sleeping weird like that lately.  Couldn't go back to sleep.  So my mind goes to my object of attention...and I'm feeling like...he's feeling stuck.  I couldn't get that out of my mind.  Not sure in what regards - but somehow feeling stuck in his life.  I almost feel like it was how I felt stuck when I lived in Omaha - just an awful place to be.  Not sure if he feels stuck in a relationship or his job or related to friends/family or money or what. 

Regardless, for some reason I wanted to pray for him.  So...I did a different kind of prayer.  I now know - through my whole tire experience which I'll discuss in detail in a future post - that letting the answer being in alignment and being patient and trusting that they'll come - the PERFECT answers come.  The perfect solutions come.  I now know that with 100% of my being.

I also know that clarity normally comes to me when I wake up in the morning - normally you should have no resistance when you wake up and there is no momentum to get you into a more negative place too fast.  So the clarity just comes.

So I prayed for alignment for him and for clarity to come to him when he wakes up and prayed the solutions or a path forward or whatever he needs to get unstuck...will come to him when he wakes up.  As far as I know, he is not doing this Law of Attraction stuff - so his alignment is probably not consistently online enough for him to hear the solutions...for him to feel the solutions.  So if my prayer...can help him stay in alignment long enough to hear those solutions, then that is all I want.

So right after I prayed - it is now 2am - all of a sudden - this bright flash of light happens....I started freaking out because I thought it was my A/C unit catching on fire - blowing up!  And then it happened again a short time later!  Then the power went out - in the whole neighborhood!  Now - I was looking outside - and there didn't look like there were any clouds - or any lightning nor could you hear thunder?  So where were these big flashes of light coming from?  RIGHT after my prayer?  The power came on like 5 minutes later - but it was out in the WHOLE neighborhood!  Like what the heck?  Like what are the odds...that I'm up at that time...and what are the odds that it happens right after I prayed that?  Um....sign from the Non-Physical? lol  I think so.

So somehow I eventually got back to sleep - and guess what?!!!  I had a dream about my object of attention!!!!!  The dream wasn't all rosey but I want to focus on the really awesome part.  Oh by the way, I haven't dreamed of him since Sept 5th!  Seriously, I would pray to dream about him all these months and NOTHING.  So I'm beyond happy about it!  I was at a party or something...and I see him and I didn't think he saw me (but he did)....he goes right over to the pool....and dives in (I guess to cool off) and gets out and bee lines straight for me and gives me a hug.  So he's hugging me and it is the most amazing hug of my entire life and I can't believe this is happening, right?  And his friends are all trying to chat with him and so to not be rude, I start to pull out of the hug and he looks at me and says "Are you sure you want to do that?" - he KNEW I didn't want to leave the hug...he felt it from me somehow...and he was calling me out on it - because I was about to do something I didn't want to do to make someone else happy.  WHICH IS THE WHOLE POINT OF THIS LAW OF ATTRACTION STUFF!  Stop doing things to make others happy - BE happy FIRST...and others will fall in line with you and be happy!  It doesn't make sense to do something that doesn't make you happy to make others happy because there will always be something you do that makes them unhappy so stop it!!!!!! 

So what did I do in the dream?  I kept hugging his shirtless...dripping self!!!!  And he let me!!!!  He is exactly what I need because he calls me out....and reminds me of how I'm not being authentic with making myself happy FIRST.  And that dream showed me that - and he is actually like that in real life...towards me....I can see in our interactions..the dynamics and everything. 

I know I said that is what I need in the paragraph above.  Let's not get it twisted - I can do this stuff alone - it just might take me longer to get to that point of being completely authentic.  I think if I was with him, I'd be there quicker...I'd conquer that part of this quicker.  But I don't HAVE to have him in my life to have those realizations - I can do them on my own.  But to have someone else in my life who can call me out on such a blessing.  Heck, if he can do it my dreams and that is it...I'm good with that, too! 

Friday, January 20, 2017

Jan 20 #LOA

Hi, guys!  So today is a pretty normal day so far.  I will have to write a whole post on the tire stuff once it is all over and done with so you can see the difference between how I would have handled it pre-LOA and how I am handling it currently.  I understand now why my Inner Being brought me this contrast...this Achilles heel contrast!  To show me how different things can be using the Law of Attraction. 

So far nothing really interesting going on this morning.  I got a great parking spot and traffic was minimal on my way in so that is always great.  I called the local Goodyear to see if I needed an appointment (no - they just work you in).  But the receptionist hung up without saying Bye and that irked me.  LOL  I know I know!  Silly.  But...even little things I notice I guess. 

So I thought about it and started appreciating the lady because I had confirmed that they were open until 6 pm and she said to come in by 4 or else they won't be able to do it - and I actually wouldn't have came by 4 due to when I get off work.  So by her telling me that little bit of info, I was able to request to leave a little early from work.

So I'm definitely appreciative of that! 

Also, remember the little bit of contrast (well it feels big to me) from my neighbor about my object of attention?  Oh buddy...I woke up this morning with big time clarity about it.  What my neighbor told me (about a whole gossip thing with my object to attention)...actually could...cause my object of attention to move towards me.  AND...the whole gossip thing - is actually something I've been working on with the Law of Attraction...since I'm starting to get this down - could actually make me more in alignment with him...because I have a feeling...that my object of attention doesn't like...a girlfriend that gossips. 

So that is SO cool that I've been working on that for a few months - begrudgingly though as it is almost natural for me to do it to connect with my friends.  But I have started to realize when I do it - the conversation never goes in a positive direction, the conversation always falls flat, and I always feel guilty for talking about the person in a negative way.  It is starting to be more and more apparent when I'm doing it.  So lately, when that idea comes in my head to gossip (which I guess is my ego wanting to do it thinking it will make me less insecure...more cool?) - I get a sinking feeling...where I really really REALLY wanna gossip because it seems juicy...but I know...nothing good comes of it and I never feel better and always feel worse.  So really recently I've been putting the kibosh on it.  Completely.  And it is so crazy that....what I've been working on is in direct relation to something that my object of attention is dealing with right now (not sure if he's actually dealing with it - but the situation is there - not sure if he's responding to it).  If I was a guy...not really in the law of attraction mode, I'd totally be livid I think but...who knows. is a few hours later and...this SAME thing comes up again.  The inauguration is on and this guy is openly chatting about it to someone on the phone - and he has the opposite view of me so right away I'm not in a good space.  And my ego is all like...I wonder if the lady who sits in front of him is hearing this...and wants to gossip!   So I email her - and she was talking with someone so she didn't hear nothing even though it was going on for probably 15-20 minutes!  And you're not allowed to talk about that stuff here either.  So it ended and I went to the bathroom and of course, Miss Clarity Inner Being LOL...came online and kind of...was like..hey that was a gossip moment (cuz I didn't realize it haha)...I'm like shoot!  Again!  Thankfully, the lady didn't understand what was going on so...nothing happened.  But still - I actually was going to gossip!  About this guy.  To make myself feel better I guess cuz I was not in alignment with my Inner Being listening to him. 

And then I'm thinking...this is what my object of affection is dealing with....but he's dealing with it without me being in the picture which is is almost like the universe is really preparing me for him (without him being mad at me) ... which I know is good but whew.  Can I rest?  LOL 

Ok well I'm going to go ahead and post this.  I have to go get that tire looked at later so ... this might be a Part 1 and Part 2 for today...but we'll see. 

JJ Heller - Boat Song (Official Music Video)

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Jan 19 #LOA

This morning started out alright except I hit EVERY light...and when you drive a stick - it ain't awesome. haha!  But no big deal.

Then later on I was checking my facebook and noticed I had lost a friend overnight?  For some reason, I knew who it was!  LOL  And I checked and sure enough - this guy wasn't my friend anymore.

Backstory - my neighbor has had a couple of gettogethers at his house and he's invited me and I came over.  I would have went regardless as I love a good firepit party but...I also wanted to get to know his friends who are also friends with my object of attention.  Well, for some reason - I can't seem to connect with any of them.  And honestly, there was probably a bit too much effort on my part going on - I should just let it be what it is. 

Well the last party, I was getting along with this guy and for some reason, I asked if I could add him on Facebook.  I NEVER do that and I felt the hesitation from him but he said sure (but that felt inauthentic for some reason).  I added him anyways.  LOL 

It has been a couple weeks since then but I haven't seen one post from him and now I see he obviously deleted me as a friend.  Instant contrast - I felt like poop for an instant.  If he wasn't friends with my object of attention, I wouldn't have given two hoots!  But it was more contrast not 'meshing' with his friends.  And that bothers me.  Because I'm like - in the 'HOW' is this gonna happen mode.  I mean seriously - his friends don't mesh with friends are already against him without even meeting him because they think he's like my neighbor not to mention his age. 

So I'm kind of in the throws of that contrast right at the moment.  I have a feeling I might get clarity on this later.

Also, I wanted to mention something that happened the other night.  I had a vision - which to me is just more prepaving.  I was going to show my object of attention my mustang and he came in my garage and he couldn't take his eyes off me.  He was completely focused on me (not my mustang) and he said I make him so happy just looking at me.  And I'm in complete shock this really happening - as this really manifesting physically before my eyes?  I honestly could never picture him like that as I haven't seen him enamored by me in that way since the day we met and so I felt that was a big state of resistance for me because....if I can't picture it - can it ever be?  But somehow I was able to finally picture it and it was so amazing.  And THEN I could see his aura and it was green at first and I told him I could see his Aura (I can't see auras so I was beside myself) and it was green and he asked what that meant and I'm like - it means you're heart is open!  And then I said...then there is gold/yellow...and that means you're in your power and I just felt such love for him that I asked for a hug and that was the end of the vision. 

Just read something...where it puts the not meshing with friends in perspective.  Abe says...the Universe and the Law of Attraction have brought us together - in fact...they keep letting us bump into each other here or there and the Universe will NOT let me forget about him - every single day are several signs/syncronicities specific to him - where it will not let me forget about him.  Some days, what the Universe does is beyond insane.  And on those days where I want to give up and let go (being stubborn and not going downstream), the Universe BLASTS me...with insane things regarding him. 

Anyways, I was going somewhere with this.  The Universe and the Law of Attraction has brought us together.  Just trust that the how, the where, and the when will all unfold naturally....and to not try to hard to bang it into place.  The friends don't matter.  What matters is me being in alignment.  Me making ME happy.  Not his friends.  Not him.  Not my friends.  I need to stay that course.  If he truly is my Vortex man, then the Law of Attraction will bring him to matter friends...age...lifestyles...whatever! 

Ok...more contrast!  Well, one thing is for sure...contrast makes life interesting.  This guy (oh the same one that doesn't hold doors for me so I already probably had a wonky vibe going on anyways) says what are you cooking (like in a accusatory way - like it 'smells' sort of way) and I non-chalantly said burgers and he's like Burgers?  And I walked away.  Thought I dodged a bullet - nope.  I proceed to go to my desk where my one co-worker says to me that stinks really loud!  Oh that made me feel great.  I can't help how my food smells.  But boy did I take the feeling of feeling unworthy in that I'm not like the cool kids.  This stuff needs to get out of my vibration!  Haha

So I go outside to do my double loop walk...and I'm know what...bottom line is - eating the way I eat (which is basically burgers every day) makes me happy because it makes me thin which makes me have NO self-esteem issues anymore (I used to have every other thought be 'I'm fat').  So screw that - I'm not going to make myself unhappy to make YOU happy.  Which is unsustainable anyways - there will always be something about me that makes them unhappy.  And why would I be miserable to suit them?  Um, no thanks.  I'm priority.  Period. the day sort of got 'worse' - in a sense.  I did actually handle it all kind of well.  I get home and grab my 4Runner to go put some air in the tire - it went from 23 psi to 18 in a day.  So I head to the gas station - $1.25 for 5 minutes - I couldn't even fill it up enough - it took that long but it was enough to get me back home.  While I'm getting air in the tire, I see the nail.  Right down in that tread.  My normal reaction is breaking out in a real crying fit.  I tried to keep my inner being in mind the whole time.  Everything is always working out for me.  I was appreciative I even saw it!  Had I not seen it, I wouldn't be really dealing with it now.  And I got some great advice from my neighbor and peeps on Facebook so I got a game plan.  Or the inklings of a game plan.  It changed throughout the night but yeah...I got a game plan.  So I'm normally not freaking out.  And I've tried not to really complain about it but mostly...joke about my friends/neighbor and it kept everything light when talking with them.  In fact, I had a good conversation with my friend and our other neighbor and then later on with my other neighbor and his son...had some great conversation and was really nice!  I really am starting to love these conversations lately - even if I'm in the midst of dealing with contrast - I seem to be able to focus on feeling good more often rather than sinking in that funk - which is so natural to me.  I love being in a funk for sure.  But somehow, I'm not really there. 

Oh and one more thing.  The really good convo and laughter with my neighbor...had a bit of 'contrast' in it.  It has to do with my object of attention.  I never react when he goes there (says something contrasting) - I think he wants a reaction out of me but no way.  Poker face Jovan when it comes to that.  And I'm like...Inner Being...really?  Not today! lol  I think I'm getting used to his little...comments like that. 

So that was my tomorrow will be a day of work and dealing with the whole tire thing.  Fingers crossed they can just plug it and I can be on my merry way.  I'm so appreciative I have another car to drive and that it isn't raining either (the other car isn't good in rain).  And ya know what guys...I really feel like...I'm really sort of just letting go and letting my Inner Being's guidance come in....I was freaked out yesterday...had no idea what to do...but I woke up today thinking - I'll go get air in my tire...and then I happened to park in a way while getting the air that I saw the that solved that question - I now knew what was going on...thus other plans could be laid...I had all these options in my mind and how I had to go about it...but in the meantime I threw a pic of it on fb and people were like - oh someone could totally patch it...and after talking with my neighbors seems that is probably what the solution will be and there is a Goodyear right close to my house (if I had to get a new tire I'd have to drive 45 mins to the place where I have the warranty).  So I can just go after work probably and get it done and ready to go!  It really does seem like...if you really let go...don't try to do the how/when/where dealo....just trust that the universe will line up things when it has to...and not think about it too much...definitely don't worry and complain about it...and try to be happy all works out.  Almost effortlessly.  I tell you what tho - it isn't easy going from an action oriented person to a letting go and trusting the universe person.  But - holy cow is it less stressful and you don't really have to lift a dang finger or go through hoops!  It literally - works out for you.  Or it seems to be so far! 

Abraham Hicks. Does Universe give signs?

Contrast - Car Issues #LOA #Lack

So as you guys read yesterday, I had a lot of contrast - one that is still around as I haven't dealt with it yet - is my tire pressure being low and me probably having to get a new tire (and there is a lot more hassle than what it sounds like - due to warranty...where the place I got the warranty is...and thus having to take off work...etc). 

So I was in a pretty bad funk (sounds like nothing it felt like a lot due to the contrast earlier on the drive home and this additional hassle).  I was doing a rampage today and all of a sudden I got clarity on why this happened.  Well, I got the clarity of what it really means - not sure how to move this mountain or go around this resistance.

So...dealing with car issues has been, as long as I've been driving (20 years), my Achilles heel.  I don't know how many times I've been on the side of the road (in my early days - driving crappy cars - plus last year with my 4Runner...tire thing again lol).  I don't know how many times I've been to the mechanic who I'm always thinking is taking advantage of me and it is always at least a grand every time I go and everyone is always telling me how they're taking advantage of me yet NO ONE (friends) will fix it for me.  They just tell me all the things I'm doing wrong in trying to get it fixed.  Thanks, guys.  Or at least that has been my experience.

And then I see all these people throughout the years - have their significant others - deal with the car issues...over and over and over again.  And me, always by myself, having to deal with the issues on my own with all this chatter in my ear how I do everything wrong and I'm getting ripped off (while most of these years I was pretty poor).  Pretty sucky existence!  Not to mention, and here's the clarity, seeing all those people having their significant other handle that for them, makes me feel why am I not worthy enough to have a relationship where a man wants to do things for me...or heck...a friend that will fix it or know what to do or be supportive just by being optimistic for me or...whatever. 

So this tire deflating issue...brings up shows yet again...I am single...and have no one to count on to handle these things for me.  I know I can do it myself as I have done this a 100 billion times - but I always feel the uncertainty of....well what if it isn't simple..what if I have to take it in and the mechanics screw me over and it is a ton of money and I waste a ton of time while I'm there.  ALL of that.  For one low tire.  20 years.  Of me feeling that way every time I had a car problem. 

So it is just lack lack lack...being shown to me.  Unworthiness too because I'm comparing myself to everyone who has someone...who never has to deal with this on their own. 

So...maybe this contrast is....for me to be aware of it.  And to maybe pick the stick back up in a better place next time.  This is HUGE lack for me.  Like I told you before, it is my Achilles heel in 'me feeling bad''ve been aware of it in a certain sense but not really in a Law of Attraction sense.  Car problems = Always Single Girl.  Just always reminds me of that. 

So I tabled this post for a bit...and asked my Inner Being....what do you want me to do - figure out how to change this lack of feeling like a single girl when looking at car problems or to just not think about it anymore.  I get up and walk to the restroom and I see the big Exit sign which I haven't really noticed before.  LOL  Ok, I take that to mean don't think about it anymore.  Then the thoughts started flowing in - that I'll keep picking the stick up higher and higher until it dissipates....not to the years have gone by...I have gotten better, more reliable cars...and I go to more reliable the hassle hasn't been like it was or as frequent...and if I'm on the side of the road ... we now have cell phones (yes I used to drive during non-cell phone days LOL) the instances where I have to deal with car problems are less and less and less anyways.  So with both of those things...eventually...this will not affect me.  The kicker is...but I don't want to rely on object of attention works on vehicles...LOL  My perfect Vortex man ;)  But for now...I have to just be at peace with what is happening....and try not to think about it. 

#Free Kindle Book About Being on the Road With Abraham Hicks #LOA

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Jan 18 #LOA

Today started out sort of strange - the majority of my way in was...clear!  So that was a nice traffic pattern.  I did leave a bit earlier as I didn't have to do as much as I usually have to do in the morning.  I was feeling pretty cute - I seem to be on that kick lately.  Like, I want to look cute for myself.  I don't want to look dumpy - not that it matters either way but...for some reason...I like to put a little extra sparkle or wear a shirt that I prefer more than another one.  Usually, I honestly don't give too many hoots and in the whole scheme of things it doesn't matter but...for some reason it perks me up a bit...gets me in a better mood too which is always good.  Not sure if that is good or bad but it definitely feels inspired so to speak to wear this or that or do my makeup a certain way or my hair a certain way.  I am trying to go with the flow of this is just another extension of that.

Anyways, so I'm on my main road in my town and I'm speeding in a construction zone.  Several peeps have flown past me going probably 15-20 over and I'm only going 10 over.  In my LOUD Mustang GT.  LOL  And it is 5:45am in the morning - no big deal.  So there is this car in the fast lane kind of staying in my blind spot a big deal.  Then he slowly gets over behind me and he turns on his lights!  A cop!!!  No one else is around me at this point and I'm instantly freaked out even though I'm not afraid of them pulling me over - I think I was more in shock that it was a cop and I didn't realize it.  What was weird - he proceeds to pull over into the turn lane slowly?  And I kept going straight as....I didn't think he was really pulling me over?  It was almost like....he was pulling over a ghost.  LOL  Law of Attraction at work?  No clue.

However, it would not be the last cop I would see today.  Before noon, I would have seen 5 total cop cars including that one.  Before I go on, my object of attention is in law enforcement.  So let's just say - these are probably manifestation teases.  Hehehehe.  So I am at work and I pass by the glass door and I see a tow truck going down my street with a cop car on the back of it!  Then at lunch....a cop car pulls into the parking lot of the building across from my building...and he proceeds to get out and go into the building - it is almost like I'm watching MY object of Vortex man....go into the building.  So realistic.  At this time, I'm walking around this circle near my building - probably a minute later - 2 cop cars go by on the main road - one right after the other!  THEN....I decide to go around the circle one more time before going in (AMAZING day out)...and this truck...almost the spitting image of my object of attention's truck...drives by on the side road - tinted windows...same color truck bed box....almost spot on black muddin' tires...extended cab without the handle...color...EVERYTHING.  He stops at the light and a mustang pulls up behind him.  LOL!  Ya can't get any better than that!  I love it!

Anyways, so that was my manifestation teases so far today. 

I had some tough negotiations earlier that I had to go to and my anxiety was pretty high because I really didn't know how to handle it and handle my alignment at the same time!  I read something to send people love and that actually helps them vibrate higher?  So I sent myself love of course...and the project manager and the contractor we would be negotiating with.  In my mind, of course.  So I go in there and I'm not perfect but it seemed to flow real well.  It isn't finished yet but - something seemed to work?  So maybe I can try that from now on?  Maybe incorporate some appreciation for positive aspect for the people who are in the negotiations.  Ya know what I just thought of?  The project manager actually said out loud to us that he doesn't feel appreciated (kind of being cynical) and my instant reaction was to say I appreciate him - I said that out loud in front of him and the contractor also said that to him.  Haha...spreading the love!  I mean without him - I couldn't do my job so it was legit.  So that turned out well!  A short time later a different co-worker came by and was like I saw you in your negotiations - he said some kind words of how I seemed to be in the negotiations and it made me feel great!  Yay!  Then later on I went to chat with that same co-worker and he's like - you seem to be in a good mood.  I was doing a few rampages earlier plus I had just came in again from being outside.  Instant alignment whenever I go outside!

Lots of positive interactions with other co-workers today as well so that is great!

Ok...after lunch I'm not sure what happened but my mood went flat.  I had no idea until a co-worker was like trying to talk to me and I was quiet.  I'm not sure how that happened as I was flying pretty high there for a bit.

(Saw another cop on my way to where this story begins lol)  So I drive home and as much as I love driving the Mustang - it is a pain in traffic as you're constantly figuring out what gear to be in and slamming on your brakes while trying to keep you foot on the clutch etc.  Lots of brain work going on.  And coming off the main road onto I-95 is not great and this car (and this happens nearly every day) stops in the middle of the highway to get over to an exit that is backed up.  And I'm right behind him.  I know this happens so I'm prepared for it but the guy behind me apparently isn't.  He didn't hit me but I was flipping out to say the least.  I got really upset.  Like crying upset and I have this weird app that I don't know where it came from on my phone called Moto and at random times it will just pop up and ask questions like What do you need?  Etc.  It did that right when that all happened and I was bursting into tears and it asked what I needed and I said 'Object of Affection' I need YOU!  And then right then it went to search for what I just said on google and as it was switching to google - it showed my Waze app (which I had on) and it showed all these cops on the side of the road.  Remember he's in law enforcement.  It was almost like a wink like - he is here - and he was there ALL DAY LONG (cops everywhere all day) cuz I guess he knew it was going to happen.  By the way, there were NO cops anywhere like Waze was saying? 

Sometimes I swear the universe puts me into a lower vibration so I can attract contrast like this!  I'm still unclear why that all happened.  It could be helping me confirm to the universe that I want that job I applied for in Georgia instead of the promotion where I'm currently at.  Heck, I haven't heard about any of them so I'm not sure what is going on!  So it is unclear to me why the contrast happened also showed me that the Non-Physical is there with me no matter what. 

Then I come home...the way I configured my garage this weekend - I can no longer get my trash can in and out of my garage without pulling out my one car first.  This added to my earlier contrast...then when I pulled that car out - I realized my one tire is low...super low.  And I told my Inner Being in front of God and everyone in that moment - you know car trouble is my Achilles heel!!!!!  What is this!   It probably needs replaced as I ran over a kitchen cabinet on the highway (from a dump truck) a few months ago.  Ok, I have probably complained more than I should have in this post so I won't go any further on WHY it gets worse. 

So I'm in a funk about it...that specifically.  I know it sounds like not a big deal but...right in this moment it is.  I don't know what all this contrast is about.  Maybe to keep me entertained while my manifestations are brewing?  lol  I mean seriously...I really don't get it. 

Ok, guys.  I hope your days are going great! 

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

My Father Who I've Never Met - #LOA

I had to write about this as I stumbled upon a transcript between Abraham and Wayne Dyer (regarding Law of Attraction).  He had a father who abused his mother and left them when he was super young.  He had a lot of anger about it. 

Abraham said he chose that, deliberately.  Which I understand that I chose my father being non-existent in my own life.  Which logically seems so bizarre with Wayne, Abraham said Wayne wanted to grow up knowing freedom.  I'm a freedom seeker at my core just like Wayne.

So Wayne starts talking about going to his father's grave and being so angry and wanting to do something to his grave.  But he doesn't....he walks back to his car to leave (and I'm getting chills just writing this) and he decides to go back to his grave and forgive his father for everything. 

Abraham then starts telling Wayne that his father's Non-Physical energy always loved him...was always proud of him...was always appreciating him because he is Source energy but when he was on Earth....he was pinched off from it.  Which I connect with 1000% - my father - the Non-Physical energy...whether he's passed or not (I have no idea)...has always loved always proud of always appreciating me.  So it is like...that part that I thought wasn't part of my truly there. 

In reading that transcript and in writing this post, I feel like I'm releasing SO much unconscious and conscious anger and sadness towards my non-existent father and starting to appreciate his Non-Physical self who I know is with me - no matter if his physical self is (if he is still on this Earth). 

Such huge clarity and a lot of resistance just....gone!  In a moment!

What is insane - I had a reading a couple weeks ago...and she was hitting on everything I'm doing now (even I think me writing these posts).  Anyways, one of the cards I just didn't get - it said 'Heal Family Issues.'  To be honest, I thought I had gotten over my childhood and how I grew up - or at least accepted it and the fact that I realize I actually chose it.  I had thought I'd accepted the whole 'No Father' thing...but reading Wayne's interaction with Abraham - nope - I had a ton of resistance there.  And I just let a ton of it go!  And knowing that his Non-Physical is around...makes it even more sweeter.  I feel like my life has changed today.  It feels amazing. 

Oh and in case anyone out there recognizes my father - here is a picture of him in 1976 (he would have been 21). 

Jan 17 #LOA

So first, I'd like to say Happy Birthday to my mom!  She's 71 on 1-17-17!  Gotta love the numbers!

So, I'd like to start out by telling ya how it went after I decided to not thinking about relationships or my object of attention (as discussed in yesterday's post).

It actually didn't go to bad.  I kind of spent a few hours after that just mindlessly staring into space.  I like to do that.  Didn't think about too much. 

But going to bed is the time where - it gets a little sketchy.  I had lots of coffee that day, took a nap, and went to bed super early so my mind was going non-stop.  And I wouldn't really recognize what it was doing until I was so far.  I'd be thinking of something completely different and it would go into being with my object of attention, etc.  Ack!  And so I had to stop and try to figure out what to think of instead which is really hard because thinking of him is probably the most powerful thing I can think about so unthinking that - is not the easiest thing in the world.  But I kept trying - and yeah my mind kept routing back to him here or there but I eventually got to sleep.

I know my thinking of all that won't go away instantly so I just gotta know that things will get better and better. 

Then this morning, I was listening to my ipod on my way to work.  I realized that the majority of the songs are relationship/love songs.  Doh!  So I turned that off and turned on the radio for...random songs.  Well, the radio at one point had NOTHING good on or just love songs.  So I'm like fine - back to the ipod.  So it is on this one song when I turn it on and instantly turn it to the next song...and it is THE number one song I relate to my object to attention.  Thanks, Universe.  LOL  Not really helping a girl out here.  hahahaha 

Nah, but I had a good crack up about it so that was good.  Also, saw a plate with 000 - so I'm in alignment!  I also got MY spot at work - even though the parking lot was packed!  And the door to my building near my desk was actually unlocked (most of the time it isn't) so I didn't have to walk around.  Yay!   So far so good!

So....I was reading the transcript between Abraham and Wayne Dyer.  BIG time clarity and releasing resistance just reading what Abraham said to Wayne Dyer about his father loving him in the Non-Physical.  I will have to write a separate post on what clarity I got on that in relation to my own father who I have never met.  WOW.  I have had almost non-stop chills.  Guys - if you are on Facebook - go join THIS group and read the files.  TONS of transcripts/information regarding the Law of Attraction there.

Ok guys - back to the manifesting a relationship dealo.  Ok, I'm still getting signs from what I consider to be my object of attention's I'm wondering if...maybe I'm supposed to just let go of the idea of a relationship in general - not to necessarily stop thinking of him (object of attention) when the urge hits?  I can have feelings for someone but not necessarily have to think about the future with them...and how it is going to be or what it is going to look like (relationship or not?)...I can just enjoy thinking about them.  So I think that is what I'm going to do.  And not think about relationships at all. 

I'm going to end this post now as it is getting pretty long.  I'm going to post the father post as well I think.  HUGE clarity and letting go of resistance. 

Monday, January 16, 2017

This is great! #LOA Abraham-Hicks- San Diego, Jan. 16, 2016 "He Breaks Into Song"

Jan 16 #LOA Manifesting a Relationship

Well, here's the 2nd post of the day!  Nothing too exciting going on.  Just mostly relaxing outside. 

I then decided to take a nap.  And when I woke up, like when you are in the in between stages of sleep and dreaming and waking up, I got a big wake up call I think.  I almost felt like my Inner Being was showing me the amount of lack that I have going on in my undercurrent compared to my want (Vortex man...relationship etc).  It was MASSIVE.  Like it was so massive it was so upsetting waking up.  I'm not sure how real that was or what but let's say it is, it is going to take me forever to get around this resistance (lack).

I'm not sure with this whole Law of Attraction stuff if when you're thinking of all the good stuff about what you want to manifest (and thus prepaving at the same time), if there is an undercurrent of the lack you feel without you being aware of it?  If so, then I have to do something else.

I think that something else is...'Allowing' in the sense of thinking of completely other things than the relationship.  Thinking of good relationship stuff also puts you in alignment for allowing but at the same time - if thinking the good relationship stuff is also bringing in the bad relationship stuff (but you're not 100% aware of it?) - then maybe I'm doing a disservice to myself for even thinking about it period?

Ok - this is getting a bit complicated for me to even think about but - regardless - I think my inner being is trying to tell me to not think about being in a relationship at all....not thinking about a specific guy ... not thinking about any guy...not thinking about how it would feel to be in a relationship...not thinking about it being a part of my life at all.  Like erasing that 'need' so to speak. 

I have to admit..probably since my teenage years - it has been a constant 'want' for me to have that and it has been so elusive in my life.  And that has to create a massive amount of lack.  Not to mention an almost unconscious obsession with wanting to be in a relationship?  Possibly?  None of that is healthy for sure.

I know the universe knows what I want.  I've done tons of prepaving.  What happens if I just erase it from my mind?  I don't know HOW to erase it from my mind (25+ years! of wanting!)...but I'm willing to take it on to bring it in.  We'll see how this goes.  Will keep y'all in the loop. 

Jan 16 #LOA & #Sunrise Pics

Ok guys if you saw my last post you're probably wondering - did anything happen?!!!!  No, it did not.  lol  And it is okay!  He actually left shortly after that and didn't come back.  I was just very appreciative because I got a chance to get so excited - like honestly never before which is so cool. 

Just seeing him for a moment, it made me really appreciate him and probably prepave/fill in my grid a bit more - as if I need to do that anymore as I've been doing that for a good 9 months probably (some months without realizing it and not to mention my whole life prepaving the type of relationship I want).  I was definitely on a pretty high disk when that went down happy and exhilarated! 

Then later on there were a lot of cool nature moments where nature was playing with me....a heron decided to hang out on a powerline which is super weird cuz they are bigger birds and have these long legs.  It was a funny sight!  Then I went to Walmart and as I was shopping I noticed a lizard in my cart!  Thankfully, he made it through my shopping trip and I was able to get him safely outside.  Then when I was outside later about to post about the nature stuff on a Facebook group, this crazy bird comes out of nowhere behind my house...nosedives in front of me to my pond and is squawking!   Birds aren't around too much and they sure don't squawk or nosedive!  So funny!

I went to Walmart last night as I felt a nudge from my Inner Being/Higher Self to do that.  I wasn't going to argue as I needed to get food for the week and really didn't want to go this morning (I normally like to grocery shop early morning when I'm off from work).  I wanted to sleep in.

Well....sleeping in didn't quite work out.  I actually kept waking up - having weird dreams - probably not in alignment at all!  And in fact, I think I even cried at one point because I was thinking of manifesting my relationship and what if it didn't happen.  Yeah - not in the best place.  Logically, I know something with someone will eventually come into my experience but my state of mind was not even entertaining the logic.  It just wanted to feel like poop.  I mean you got to understand - I've been conditioned for most of my 39 years to complain and be negative and doubt everything in life.  3 1/2 months of practicing this Law of Attraction stuff ain't gonna knock it all out!  It is going to take time. 

Anyways, so I got up around 5 or 530am I think and got me some coffee - I had bought some of my favorite coffee (Cinnamon Dunkin' Donuts) at Walmart yesterday so the coffee really put me in a better place.  Eventually, it was time for breakfast...this was around 7am.  Before I went to do that, I looked out front for some reason and saw the sky.  It was gorgeous the way the clouds were and I realized the sun hasn't really come up yet.  So then I hear my Inner Being/Higher Self telling me to Go Go Go!!!!!  to the beach and see the sunrise!  Like she literally wouldn't shut up about it.  And here I was thinking...yeah but I just drank a pot of coffee and I'll have to go potty when I get there blah blah blah. then I googled on my phone when the sunrise was...7:24am.  It was 7:02.  Takes me about 15 minutes to get there.  Kind of perfect timing really.  So I'm like Okay lol...I'm trying to go with the inspired action and I know the pictures I would take would be amazing and I didn't have to stay long even if I did have to go to the potty (I did lol).  And I could see if I could find some sharks teeth too while I was there (I didn't). 

So I went...and the views were a-freakin'-amazing.  I love sunrises but when there are clouds too - it kind of gives a different view than normal so I was loving it!  And NO ONE was on the beach as most people work today (I have the day off).  So it was such a peaceful experience!  I mainly stood there and just stared at the beauty.  I did walk a little bit checking out the shells but I mainly wanted to soak in the sunrise and the clouds and the ocean.  It was incredible.  Right before I left, I stood there looking at it all just appreciating everything...the view...the ocean...the beach...the people I said Mornin' to when I was walking back (yes, there were a couple peeps out there) Inner Being/Higher Self for nudging me...well pushing me LMAO to go....It was what I needed after my crying spell this morning.  The universe really does take care of you when you go through your negative emotions.  It is all there for a reason.  Hopefully I released some resistance?  I'm not sure.  I think I'm also scared that I'm still attached to the idea of being with someone - I want to be comfortable even if I am never with someone, ya know?  Again, 39 years of conditioning doesn't go away overnight and I know every day I'm getting better and better at this! 

So if I get any more clarity or if anything more interesting happens later today, I will let you guys know.  I'll show you some of the pictures I took this morning.  Breathtaking!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

You Guys! #LOA Jan 15

Literally - 9 minutes after I made THIS last post about manifesting a relationship...talking about my object of object of attention pulls up next door!!!!!

He probably hasn't been around in 3 or so weeks. 

Talk about manifesting!  Hahahahaha!

Ok....I'm elated right now....however - just to give you guys the low down - normally nothing really ever happens between us even if he is over there.

I have no plans to go anywhere and really don't want to leave to go anywhere and he's not one to come over so I don't anticipate anything happening but wow...that is pretty cool. 

Jan 15 #LOA #Manifesting a #Relationship

Today has been a pretty chill day so far.  I've been able to chillax for a long while reading magazines outside after church and drinking coffee - some of my favorite activities all rolled into one!  Beautiful, beautiful day out here in Florida.  I just can't be out of the Vortex when I'm out in my backyard.  I was actually thinking to myself that I actually like it better than being on the beach (10 minutes away).  I know, shocker right?  There are so many great aspects to it - and the #1 - it is ultra convenient. 

Anyways, I have to tell you guys that - I've been trying to manifest a Vortex man.  I do believe I know who it is going to be but I am open to whoever.  I love how the universe throws me manifestation driftwood/teases along the way.  I mean - I haven't always appreciated them but I am starting to REALLY enjoy it.  Like today when I got home from church, I was going through my mail and there was junk mail from an RV 'club' - my object of attention...has a camper.  I just looked at it and appreciated it as that is my future...getting mail like that because that will be part of my life!

Another manifestation tease so to speak is...I was outside and watched SEVERAL trucks with boats go by.  My object of attention used to have a boat and loves fishing and I want a boat and can see us with one.  So it just got me thinking about that.  Then there was a truck and an SUV that went by that were hauling 4wheelers - which is what he's into and what I would love to do in the future.  More teases!  Yes, please. 

Also, something happened I think before church.  I feel like me and my object of attention are getting to a place where - it is almost like reality and the Vortex are so intertwined that I can't decipher one from the other in that moment if that makes sense?  No, we are not physically together however the feeling/emotion/thought/place of being - is SO real.  And it was BEYOND real today at one point where I was another world pretty much.  Like I was completely in my Vortex with him.  I know that sounds weird but it makes me wonder if it is getting super close if I can't decipher one reality from the other.  The physical reality from the Vortex reality.  Kind of interesting.  Just thought I'd tell y'all about it!

 Alright, guys.  I'm gonna go eat lunch and see what else this day holds for me.  Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Money #LOA

So I haven't given a lot of thought about manifesting money because I'm at a comfortable place?  I have debt (house, car, 401k loans, student loan) but they're very low interest rates.  Since I bought my house last year, I've been trying to put any extra money towards my debt SO every paycheck comes and it is like I have no money left as I put it towards my debt which is what logically sounds like the right thing to do.

However, I realized recently - I have always felt like I live paycheck to paycheck - from my earliest earning days to even this whole last year!  Which is ridiculous but the way I'm handing the money with using all the money towards the debt, I always feel 'broke' in a sense.

And when life responds to how you feel - it gives you more of that!  So this guy at work was telling me some financial advice and none of it made sense to me but he's the one with a $500k home paid off etc.  Then he finally said something that made all the sense in the world - he said to take a year and make a nest egg of $20k and just pay your bills like normal - don't pay extra to the debt as it has low interest rates anyways.  Not sure I can do the $20k but - it made sense to me?  If I could go to the ATM or see online that I have a ton of money in there...just sitting in there - no way would I ever feel broke or that I'm living paycheck to paycheck PLUS I wouldn't have to use my credit card if some unexpected big expense came up.  Kind of went along with the Law of Attraction so I am totally game for it! 

So I am gonna start socking some extra moola into my savings account and I am going to put my full tax refund in there as well which is quite a bit.  I'm going to try it for a year to see how I feel about it. 

Jan 14 #LOA #Gridwork #Contrast

Today is so far a pretty quiet day.  I don't have much planned for this weekend (3 day weekend) but my week was pretty busy so I'm good with that.  I did plan on reorganizing my garage shelving/boxes and gathering up my tax stuff and doing my taxes.  Also, I'm sort of writing a book which I have no clue if it will ever come to fruition but I feel guided to write it so I've been working on that as well.

So the morning was decent - wasn't feeling amazing waking up but that is okay.  I think I was a bit overwhelmed when it came to gathering my info for my taxes.  And then when I did a rough calculation of my tax return - it went down even further than it was.  I was probably in a funky place at that time - probably could have tried to move my attention to something more positive but I wasn't in a Law of Attraction mode for some reason.  I was in my 'normal before Abe' mode.  Oops.

Then I decided to go and work out the garage shelving/boxes.  I wanted to move it all down a bit so I could open my 4Runner's passenger door better.  I ended up doing it super fast...and using some Tetris techniques.  LOL  Not bad.  My neighbor interacted with me for a second as he wanted me to call him as he couldn't find his phone but found it right when I went to go get my phone.  But I wasn't interacting with him very jubilantly.  But he was being very happy towards me which is somewhat unusual.

So I was/am probably currently in a slight funk.  So my neighbor...has an old girlfriend over and they went 4wheeling which totally makes me have FOMO instantly and it almost puts me in a place of unworthiness.  Like lately - that has been what is going on - stuff where I care about what others think of me....and feelings of unworthiness but logically and through this LOA stuff, I know I'm worthy and I love myself so much so I was in a space of why is this coming up?  But I tried to look at it as an opportunity to pick the stick up at a higher place next time this comes up.

Yes, those feelings are there because those are the belief systems I grew up learning.  They don't go away overnight.  And they show up from time to time.  But if you can look at them and leave them in a better place - the next time those feelings come up - they'll be where you left them off at (at a higher better place) until eventually - poof!  They disappear altogether. 

So I started looking at all that.  What do I want in relation to what my neighbor was doing that set me off?  I want to go 4wheeling.  I want to have a nice house in the country with lots of wooded land around it that I own where I could every day after work and on the weekends go 4wheeling out there by myself or with friends or with my partner.  I want a partner who likes all that stuff - who will not only take me places to go 4wheeling but will be a part of my plan of having a country home and he will know how to fix 4wheelers and drive 4wheelers so he can teach me.

Then I realized - I just filled my grid in some more.  THAT is why that happened.  Plus...when I pick up that stick again later - it will be at a higher place I believe. 

Uhhhh!!!  So I was just about to post this as I had no idea anything else would happen.  So I had a manifestation tease of my Vortex man!!!!   I was supposed to have a lawn service done by my pest people and this guy from the place rings my doorbell and he's super cute and he's acting all nervous so he must not quite up to speed with me vibrationally LOL but I was fine with him!  No nervousness from me.  He was trying to be professional but he did tell me where he lived and talked about his grass and he said he was the supervisor so he has a good job!  I forgot to look for a ring.  Will have to start trying to do that.  But thank you, universe, for giving me this manifestation tease!  The men are just getting better and better!!!! 

Friday, January 13, 2017

Contrast - My Hair - #LOA I got such a compliment on my hair - my friend at work was admiring my hair and saying she liked it and the color was so unique.

Which got me thinking!

My hair color is unique because I'm actually growing my gray out.  It is pretty much all grown out except for the ends.  My normal hair color is an ashy brown. 

When my gray started coming in years ago (late 20s/early 30s), I started to dye it.  Now, it is pricey - $75 to $150 depending on if you get just the roots, highlights, and/or a cut as well.  Back when I was in Omaha, I was going to the salon ever 6 weeks but really should have been going every 2-4 weeks, the roots were getting THAT obvious.  That is a lot of money!  But I kept it up.

So fast forward to 2 1/2 years ago when I moved to Jacksonville.  At the time, no one really recommended a hair stylist so I kind of let it go for 2 months - not a huge deal but I knew I had to get it done at 2 months.  At the 2 months mark, I had to go back to Omaha to meet the movers to move my stuff to Jacksonville.  I had scheduled a late afternoon appointment with my regular stylist.  So the packers/movers came.  The stuff was basically already packed (I had it in a 10x10 storage unit) but they had to do all that extra stuff.  They took forever!  And the movers came late to throw it in the truck.  I ended up missing my hair appointment.  I was livid!  Heck, I was livid the whole day because of how slow/late they were.  But as Abraham always says, things are always working out for us.  Even if it is 2 1/2 years later where I finally see the diamond in the rock.

So I missed my hair appointment which is what I was really mad about.  I had to leave early the next morning so no way was I gonna get my hair done.  The next day, as planned, I took a short trip to Chicago and then to see my mom in Dayton.  When I was out to eat with my mom, I guess I was talking to her about my hair.  She said something that changed my life (along with me not getting my hair done) - she said to go ahead and grow it out (my gray) as my hair color would blend in well with it.  Totally stuck in my mind. 

So when I got back to Jacksonville, that is exactly what I did!  It was super hard for a few months as you have this stripe and people didn't hold back on 'making fun of me' but I didn't let them affect me!  It was either go big or go home!  I mostly decided to do it was SO costly and such a time suck (sometimes the dying process takes 5 hours!) and it was becoming a twice a month thing because the roots were so obvious!  No, thanks! 

And so here we are 2 1/2 years later and I'm getting amazing compliments like I had today.  My hair is SO healthy now, too.  My curls are so much more relaxed and beautiful looking as well.  I guess the dye affects it somehow.  Also, as you know, I moved to Jacksonville, FL.  So I'm basically out in the sun ALL THE TIME.  Guess what the sun does?  It actually turns the gray hair blonde!  Yes, I'm serious.  I had no clue!  It is like that one day of awful contrast....changed the direction of my look of my hair being more natural, healthier, and beautiful but also a life of less hassle as I never have to go to the salon hardly except for a cut when I feel like it!  And the money saved!!!!!  Like I said above - things are always working out for you.  You may not know it right away - but eventually, you'll know it!  Just go with the flow of life no matter what - follow inspired action - and do what you LOVE!

Here is a picture of me today:

And this one is me this summer - you can see here better how the sun turns my hair blonde.  

This picture is of me with my dyed hair in 2011 or 2012?  You can even see my gray roots.  haha!


Jan 13 2017 #LOA

So today actually started out pretty decent.  I was feeling happy and all. 

Just had contrast though and I'm like how did that happen!

A guy...did something not very nice towards me.  Won't go into the details because then I'm reliving it - which I really don't wanna do.  And I'm like - how did I bring that into my space as I had been happy!

So I thought about it, when he did it to me - I was going to the bathroom for the 100th time of the day.  I go a lot probably mainly due to my coffee consumption.  And it gets quite annoying having to get up all the time to walk to the bathroom.  So....I guess maybe I was annoyed at that point but wasn't fully aware?  And then it brought in something else that was annoying? lol  Oh boy - I'm getting pretty darn sensitive, eh? 

Whew.  So I guess maybe whenever I go to the bathroom, I need to appreciate the fact that I can walk to the bathroom, it isn't that far, and there is an actual bathroom to use! 

Ooooo I just read something that relates to this.  You can't control what disk those people you are interacting are on and how they think of you when they're on that disk.  So basically, you really shouldn't take it personally because their perception of you is not accurate as Source isn't on that low disk - Source is on the high flying disk. day ended up getting back to where it was a natural, calm, happy state....which I kind of quite enjoy.  Like for a couple weeks, I've been in a sort of teeter totter between boredom and contentment but I had no inspired action going on so...I sort of just sat with it.

Then came this busy week which I'm so appreciative of and of course - contrast! lol  But hey - gotta shoot them rockets of desire out for bigger and better desires!  And I'm sure I've conquered some resistance while I was at it here or there maybe.

Anyways, I'll leave it at that for now.  I just thought of telling you about contrast I had a couple years ago that honestly sort of changed my life - with my hair.  LOL is important!  hehehe  So watch for that.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Not Knowing - #LOA

I honestly wish I would have seen this long ago!  In regards to relationships especially.  I think I'm starting to actually turn into the exhilaration.  I have NO idea how this Vortex man is going to come to me...but I know he is.  And I will appreciate all the fun along the way to there.  I got so many other things to occupy my time so it is okay!  Enjoy the journey!  Non-Physical is and this is what we came down here for - the joy in the journey!!

Universe Is On It! 12 January 2017 Contrast - #LOA

So I wrote an earlier post about contrast all over the place in my life today and somewhat yesterday evening. The main element of both the contrast of yesterday and today is me caring what others think. Big time today. And I thought I had conquered that mostly but it is apparently still in my vibration as I noted in my previous post. I also said I was going to listen to music to raise my vibration a bit. What is the first song that I turn to on my ipod? 'Just The Way You Are' by Billy Joel. Thanks, Universe. You are on it!!! Like what are the odds that the first song would be so relevant to what is going on with the contrast!? I love it!!!! 

By the way, when I went looking for the video for this post with lyrics - the youtube name had 333 in it!!  Means alignment!  In the Vortex!  Yessssssss. 

12 Jan 2017 Contrast Galore #LOA

Ok, guys.  This post will be short because I don't want to talk negatively but contrast at my work is coming at me from left and right and I'm trying to get to a better place but more contrast keeps coming. 

I think music is probably the only thing that can possibly help me and maybe some appreciation - which I tried slightly earlier but it is hard when you're in such a contrasting vibration to reach for thoughts of appreciation (in my experience).  Music definitely can distract my mind in such a way for a minute - and then I can reach for those thoughts of appreciation to hopefully change my course of the day! 

Will update later if I think about it.  Whew!  Have a good day y'all. 

P.S.  One good thing today....they changed a tower or something and I now have cell service in my building at work!!  Full usage etc!  YAY!!!!   Ok....I'm feeling better just thinking about it.  :) 

11 Jan 2017 Use of #LOA Part 2

Just wanted to continue my post with telling you about what happened at church last night.  We had a special service which I knew would be mostly singing and it was.  I should have probably put more intentions about what I expected going into church but I really didn't because I honestly didn't have a clue what to expect as this is a new thing (church on Wednesdays).  But my favorite thing about church is the singing so I was somewhat pumped up!

So I drive my awesome mustang (manifestation) to church which always makes me happy.  Although, the heels I was wearing slipped off the clutch a bit so I now know not to wear those heels in that mustang.  So that probably was the first bit of contrast to show up - to get me wobbling as Abraham would say.  Although, I didn't realize it until now while I'm typing that was probably what started everything! 

So I get to church and find a decent spot but not the spot I wanted.  No big deal.  I go in to church and I find my row of peeps!  It was good to see them.  One of the best things about going to church!  So they start off the service with prayers and lots of singing.  Now the songs weren't exactly the ones that I really loved so I was feeling mediocre at best at this point.  Then my tights I was wearing were bugging the crap out of me.  My heels were killing me (I don't normally wear heels).  And then this little girl (5 or 6 years old) in front of me started giving me the death stare while I'm trying to sing my heart out. 

Contrast all over the place but I wasn't really aware that it was contrast for some reason.  So after a couple songs, I had to go to the bathroom.  So I go to the bathroom and there are probably 4 people washing their hands or whatever.  I go in the first stall and start going and they leave the bathroom AND TURN THE LIGHTS OUT!  Pitch black in there and I'm mid-pee and I start freaking out!  So I hurry up and get done and turn the light on.

Boy, was I frazzled.  I think I brought on the lights off thing - because of all the contrast before.  Now, before I get to what I should have done with the contrast, I want to tell you why I actually freaked out when the lights went out.  No, I'm not scared of the dark.  It shocked me for sure but I can go to the bathroom in the dark.  What was my first thought?  It was - what if someone comes in here and finds me going to the bathroom in the dark - like I'm weirdo going to the bathroom in the dark.  WHY DO I CARE WHAT THE HECK OTHERS THINK!!!!  Seriously?  I actually came to that realization this morning while I was driving to work that is what I was thinking.  And I actually sort of beat myself up about it which you are not supposed to do.  I guess the reason why I'm beating myself up over it is because I had thought I'd gotten to the stage of 'I don't give a crap what others think of me' but apparently that's still in my vibration.  And caring what others think of you, to me, really blocks the good stuff from coming in.  So it is just something I have to be aware of and react differently when those thoughts come in my mind I guess. 

Now in regards to the contrast, what thought could I thought of in opposite of those contrasting thoughts/feelings/circumstances?

1.  Heel slipping off the pedal - I appreciate this contrast because it shows me I want to have a smooth drive in without having to worry about my shoes slipping off the pedal so in the future I can wear better shoes the car I'm driving.  This contrast showed me what I should do differently to have a better experience.
2.  Tights annoying me - I appreciate these tights because they are beautiful and they help my outfit look amazing and put together and are a style I love.
3.  Heels hurting my feet - I'm appreciative of these heels because they are so cute and match my tights perfectly and make my legs look even more amazing than they already look and they really make my outfit.
4.  Little girl - I appreciate that this little girl is watching me as an example of someone in church really enjoying singing songs and I appreciate that this little girl is possibly seeing someone who is in alignment and is inspired despite the death stare.  LOL 

It is all about appreciating the contrast for what it is and what is good about that thing/circumstance and what you want in opposite of it. 

After the bathroom experience, I came back and sort of kind of looked at my friend's kids and sort of appreciated them in a way that was almost...natural (didn't have to think about it) and after that, a REALLY good song came on that I really resonated with so that was great!

11 Jan 2017 Use of #LOA Part 1

I had the idea just now to maybe try to write daily on how I use the Law of Attraction within a normal day.  So here goes my first post! 

I actually started last night consciously putting out my intentions for the next day (all green lights, no traffic in my way, good day at work, happy people I encounter, dentist visit goes well, church tonight is fun, etc.).

Needless to say, I had all green lights except one (20 lights on my way in approximately with at least 4-5 of them being the brutal long lasting waits).  Score!  Pretty close to my intention!  Traffic was clear the whole way except on base where I work but I was able to get over into a free flowing lane at one point to be able to eventually turn (it is 3 lanes and I was in the farthest lane I needed to be). 

I think I forgot to say something about parking spots because....I did not get my usual good one..or even another decent one but I did have to park slightly farther away than normal but got one where no one could park on one side (which is what I like).  So even though I didn't get the best spot, I was appreciative to get any spot where only on person could park next to me. 

I learned something new yesterday that is somewhat like driftwood (things that appear before the manifestation) - but this guy called it a manifestation tease.  Things/circumstances that happen before the manifestation such as if you're trying to get a relationship to manifest, guys will come into your life but they may not be the right guy or they might come in and show interest but then disappear just as quickly as they appeared...etc.  This has been happening to me since I started the whole Law of Attraction thing.  Also, another type of manifestation tease in regards to relationships might be guys (that may not the love of your life lol) messaging you (text, fb, call).  Because that is what you want your guy in your Vortex to do.  So the universe is teasing you, BUT you may not react in the best way. 

Like for example, I have a guy who actually recently proposed to me via a Christmas card (manifestation tease? yes I think so lol).  I let him down bluntly but kindly.  He continues to message me A LOT via fb and text.  I actually have been SUPER annoyed with a lot of it.  Cuz he's still flirting with me and stuff.  Sometimes I like responding and talking with him.  But actually ALL the messages are a manifestation tease because....would I be annoyed with some of the messages from my Vortex man?  Um, no.  I probably wouldn't be regardless if there are a lot or not - and honestly, I would prefer a TON than hardly any.  So why am I getting my panties in a wad at this guy - being a manifestation tease!  Me being annoyed - is telling the universe that I don't want my Vortex man to message me  hardly ever!   Which is NOT what I want to be putting out to the universe.  SO the solution is to be appreciative of the messages - no matter who it is!  Because the universe will bring me MORE of that - not necessarily from that particular guy - but possibly from my REAL manifestation!  Who knew!  I have to admit - I learned this manifestation tease stuff yesterday and understood it but found a couple texts from that guy this morning and my instant reaction was not great.  LOL  So it is a habit I need to revise for sure.  But good to know that, right?  Clarity is EVERYTHING!!!!!

So anyways, sorry for sidetracking there but there was another manifestation tease in regards to my Vortex man.  I was walking to the bathroom and a HOT military guy was walking towards me who I've never seen in my building which is really unusual because I've basically seen everyone (not a huge building).  I was at the bathroom before I could interact with the guy but....I definitely stopped for a moment and appreciated the manifestation tease. 

Then after that, I went into the break room to heat up some food.  There was a guy in there who is politically different than pretty much everyone else in the office.  LOL  Basically, our tv in the break room is on one news channel and he always changes it to another and hides the remote and everything.  It is so funny.  Anyways, so he's in there and I'm like Hi and he's like how are you and I'm like good and you and he starts talking about his food and I have a short convo with him about that and then he says something about the Exxon guy getting 180 million to leave the company or something and all I'm thinking is 'Yes, I have 180 million' - just how you think when you're doing the Law of Attraction stuff LOL and so I said 'Nice!'  and he said sarcastically 'Yeah' LOL!  I mean I wasn't even being political but I'm like - Good for that guy because of the law of attraction!  We should always celebrate someone else's success!!!  Anyways, so then I was leaving and I said Enjoy to that guy as parting words (to enjoy his food) and he's like Yep.  So I think I was pretty much in the Vortex with that convo.  I seem to do pretty well with convos with people at work - being high vibration/in alignment.  Friends are another story I think because I'm so used to the way those vibrations are, I almost automatically get down to that level?  I definitely am finding new tools to use in those convos and I'm getting better and better at it the more I have the convos. 

A little later, I was walking to the bathroom and I was 'dancing' with this guy (the hallway was too small and we both were trying to go the same way) - it was the guy from my one story (HERE).  We just laughed and he actually touched me on the shoulder in a nice way so that was good.  Then I got a really awesome compliment on my dress in the bathroom! 

Ok, guys I swear I was going to write about the whole day but - that didn't happen.  My day got away from me and here it is the 12th!  There were some additional things that happened but this post is long enough!  I do want to tell you about how my alignment got wonky at church so I'll do a Part 2 about that and what I learned and what to do in the future so look out for that! 

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