Monday, July 25, 2016

Vacation Day 3 - Islamorada

Ok, so day 3 is our full day in Islamorada.  Gorgeous, gorgeous sunrise.  Good food, good times swimming, and a not so good feeling glass bottom boat tour.  Haha!  So here we go.  I'll post a video first of me and my friend's son jumping on the trampoline out in the water.


I absolutely love this photo.  This was the sunrise in Islamorada at our hotel.  They had a wedding the night we got there and left the stuff up so I was just being silly (don't mind my crazy hair and being on the wrong side haha).  It was a beautiful sunrise nonetheless.


 Hanging out in the water at our hotel. 

A photo of the bottom of the glass bottom boat tour.  I actually saw a shark before I got too sick to watch anymore.

My view from my room...not horrible with all the palms...and I gotta love my Keurig coffee!

The token barf bag.  Thankfully, I was able to somehow keep it together (but was seriously sick) and not have to use it.  Never will I do that again! 

Lunch on a canal.

Coffee on the canal.

Amazing food on the canal!  Seriously that looks good even now!!!  Wonder if they ship?

Blueberry Dunkin' Coffee!  YUM.

Showing off my new swimsuit coverup.

We went to Lorelei's for dinner - not impressed with the service or the amount of food you got but you can't beat these views and it is basically all outdoor dining.

The appetizer I got (also got a burger).  Good but not a big portion and I think that was $10 at least just for those 5 shrimps.

Boat near our hotel which I loved because it was a simple sort of boat but it had loungers!  My fav!

Boat Tour.

I'm pretty sure this is when we first starting going - I had NO idea what I was able to get into (with being sick). 

Slowly recovering in this picture.  Whew...never again!

Loved this sign at Lorelei's.  

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