Monday, July 11, 2016

Day 2 Vacation (Part 2 of 3) - The Everglades!

So...after we left Ft. Lauderdale, we headed to the Everglades on our way to Islamorada.  We wanted to take a air boat tour.  We found a little place - it wasn't too crowded and went on an adventure!  It was sort of scary - I thought I was going to fly off the boat!  The tour guide was all up on these alligators...they're used to him I guess but man, one wrong move and goodbye! lol  But thankfully, the gators were tame (to him).  Then halfway through the tour - it started pouring like crazy sauce!  And I absolutely HATE being cold AND wet so I was pretty miserable.  He had the boat on full speed so the rain was hitting us hard and we came to where they had a little fire set up with huts.  So the fire was nice but the mosquitos were not!  Eventually the rain calmed down and he brought another gator out and played with it.  So crazy!  It was overall a pretty cool experience.  Definitely something you should check out if you get the chance.



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