Friday, March 4, 2016

Wrecked My Car Today :/

I wrecked my car this morning - and it was 100% my fault.  I had pavers delivered and placed on my driveway until the paver guys come to do my patio (today and tomorrow).  I knew these stacks of pavers were there....

I even saw them in my backup camera when I was backing out of the garage.  The last pile seemed a bit close but I was like 'nah, they're not THAT close'.  Wrong.  Slammed right into them and I thought I had just caught the end corner so I kept going thinking I was going to get out of it because it was just a corner.  NOPE.  So needless to say, it ripped off the side of my back bumper and bent a part of my back bumper plus took some paint off.  Here's the results:

I didn't even know if I could drive it because it was so loose on the side.  Thankfully, my neighbor got up around that time (6am at this point) and he saved my life!  I mean not really but he was able to rig it so it wouldn't flap around which gave me piece of mind and he certainly calmed me down by just being there because I was wreck (pun intended? lol).  So this is how my car looks like with it rigged up:

So basically I'm going to have to need a whole new bumper since it is all one piece (my neighbor told me that too - it is nice to have people on your side in freak out moments like this).  I asked one of my other friends how much his bumper cost and it cost $1,100!  And he has a tiny car - and I know when I had my previous wreck which busted up the front end...that cost $5k...and I know my car costs a lot more to repair so I ended up turning it into my insurance.  So I'll probably go in on Monday for the estimate and then whenever they get a bumper in, get that done.  I also get a rental car mostly paid for.  And both places (body shop and rental car place) are in my small town area!!!   That is so awesome because if it had to be in Jacksonville, it would be a pain in the butt because I need someone to possibly drive me to these places and Jacksonville is just too far. 

So it definitely sucks what I did because it is an inconvenience and my insurance will probably go up a bit but it is what it is.  I do silly stuff sometimes and I'm sure we all do.  And it is nice to know people are there for ya in those times. 

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