Saturday, January 9, 2016

My First #StitchFix!

So a few weeks ago, I won a $100 credit from a blog towards a fix from Stitch Fix!  I've been reading so many blogs for quite a while now who get these Stitch Fixes and always wanted to do it.  But I've always been hesitant because the items were so pricey.

So the win helped push me to the point of ordering my first fix!  Basically, a stylist picks out some items for you to try and possibly buy.  If you don't like them, you send them back no charge.  You fill out a style profile on their website and you can also provide them with a Pinterest board so they can get an idea of what your style is.  Looking back now, I wish I would have told them what things I didn't want in my fix but now they know (you fill out comments on what you did or didn't like about each item you received). 

So here we go!

Collective Concepts Printed Knit Back Top in Blue and White ($58) - Returned.
It was completely see thru in the front and then a jersey type material in the back.  It is something one of my close friends would wear and she's fashionable so I think it is cute not to mention super comfortable.  I'm not sure it was very flattering on me although it did look nice under the cardigan I got.  I'm not usually a fan of things that are see thru where you need to wear something else underneath.  Annoys me!  I almost kept it (and everything else in this fix) because it is wearable and fashionable but for reasons I talk about later, I returned it.

(Top is mentioned above)
41Hawthorn Abrianna Longsleeve Knit Cardigan in Burnt Orange ($48) - Kept
Level 99 Jessa Wide Leg Denim Trouser ($118) - Kept

LOVE LOVE LOVE both of these pieces.  I must mention that everything fit perfectly which I found to be a miracle.  The cardigan was such a lovely color - love burnt orange.  I'm actually not a fan of cardigans because I think they make me look like I weigh more than I do but this one was so perfect.  Skimmed my body perfectly, was so long (perfect length), fit great, and just was comfy.  It will go with so many things I already have. 

The jeans were magnificent!  They fit perfectly and I'm super short and they skimmed the ground at the perfect length - which is hard for me to find.  Most petite jeans I find are like 'mom jeans' but these were petite AND fashionable.  Score!  I don't care they cost $118...they were totally worth it.  I'm pretty sure I'd buy both these pieces regardless if I had the credit or not.  Being a curvy short girl, it is so hard to find stuff that fits.  The jeans were wide leg - but like a boho kind of wide leg which is totally my style!

Moda Luxe Palermo Stitch Detail Clutch in Tan ($38) - Returned

I have to admit - I am not a fan of clutches.  I'd forget my head if it wasn't attached so a clutch is not a good idea for me.  It did come with a strap you could attach but it was gold chain.  Another thing I don't care for, gold anything (for the most part) so that was a bummer.  The clutch was cute especially with the polka dots but it is just not for me. 

Laila Jayde Keene Knit Top in Black ($48) - Returned

This top I actually wanted to keep.  I'm not sure if you can tell in the pics but it is boxy and it was long.  But that is great because it would hide my rolls.  This is perfect casual wear. 

So my dilemma was - I was going to get the jeans and cardigan no matter what.  So after the credit, that was $66.  I was on the fence with the black top and decided if I was going to get that - I might as well get them all but that would be $132 total.  I would give away the clutch to charity.  Then I saw that the black top was hand wash only and the blue/white top was dry clean only - that made my decision.  I'm a throw it in the wash and forget it sort of person so I can't have anything like that!   Especially the dry clean one.  So I kept the cardigan and jeans.  Love them both. 

So overall, my stylist did a great job for sure especially being the first time!  I'd definitely recommend this service but be prepared for the prices! 

Want to get your own fix?  Check them out HERE

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