Tuesday, January 19, 2016

1 Week Till Closing!

That was back in December with my friend Kelli at my new house I'm buying.  I close on the 27th (so in one week) if everything else goes smoothly.

The process hasn't been too bad - seems to have gone a lot easier than the last house I bought.  This is a new house and you're basically dealing with a builder so they know the ropes.  The mortgage process is easier as well because you can sign everything electronically.

So basically my mortgage was approved a couple weeks ago so they moved up the closing a week and half.  Which is fine - I don't care when I close because my lease isn't up for a few more months. 

I just had the inspection yesterday and the guy sent me the results less than 24 hours later - right before I had the walk through with the builder this morning.  So I was able to know what to tell the builder to fix or look at when I went there.  Nothing major - just a few questions and some touchups of paint. 

Here is the SOLD sign at my property I took today:

So the builder was nice and explained how to turn the water on/off and how the breakers worked, etc.  Then we walked the whole house (inside and outside) and marked areas to be fixed by closing.  Easy peasy.

Then on the closing day, I walk through again with the builder and my realtor then we go to closing.  Oh and I just found out my appraisal came in low and probably because it is an FHA loan, the sales price couldn't be higher than that appraisal.  So that knocked almost $5k off my price!  Yay!  So that is really great. 

After closing, the next day (pending HOA approval) I'll be getting a fence installed.  White 6 foot vinyl on the sides and black 4 foot aluminum on the back (because I have a pond view).  You guys, I have got to tell you, my backyard pond view is AMAZING.  I know I currently live at the beach right now but if there were a 2nd best view, this might be it.  It is SO peaceful.  I did good! 

Anyways, then after the fence, I'm going to get a new electric line installed for a hot tub and then put in a patio slab.  Then shop for a hot tub.  This is what I envision:

LOL!  Just kidding - well, maybe for New Years Eve, right? haha. 

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