Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Let's Go Back - #BehindTheBlogger

I thought I'd write a blog post looking back over the last year of my life.  It is weird because for years my life has been all work and then go home and zone out.  No real fun.  Then I decided work wasn't who I was and I needed to stop thinking that work was everything.  So I got my priorities straight and figured out what really makes me happy and went for it.  So what really makes me happy?  Being around my family and friends.  So a little over a year ago I moved from Omaha, Nebraska to Yulee, Florida.  I have a good friend down here so I figured why not.  I was scared to death because I had no idea what to expect and surely didn't want to have an experience like I had in Omaha (moved there from Ohio).  And it honestly was the best thing I did!  The last year I've done SO much.  More than I even realized until I started writing this post.  I couldn't even fit it all in!  So here are the mostly good highlights.  Here's to another festive, fun, adventurous year!

I spent Thanksgiving with my friend, Kelly, and her family and her in-laws.  Then the next day, I went to Santa Rosa Beach, FL to see my other friend, Robin, and her hubby.   This is me and my friend Robin (from Santa Rosa Beach).

I started playing softball with my church.  I only started going to church really for the first time in my life in October of last year.  One of the best things I have done in my life.  They're like another family.  By the way, I am not great at softball but I can hit the ball usually.  This is a typical softball outfit. 

My friend Kelli and family came down after Christmas (from Ohio).  This is Kelli's hubby Kris, Kelli, and me at the beach on December 28, 2014.  Crazy that we can wear shorts in December!  We also hit up St. Augustine and Daytona Beach where the weather turned colder but we still celebrated New Years Eve watching the fireworks over the ocean. 

Kelli and her family came down again in March and we visited Walt Disney World (my first time ever) on St. Patrick's Day.


I then spent the summer in paradise since I live(d) 10 or so minutes from it.

In July, I headed up to Ohio to visit my mom around my birthday.  Then Kelli and family were taking a trip to the gulf side of Florida...and they live in Ohio so we traveled there together.  We hit up Chattanooga as our first pit stop.  Then we went down for a couple days around Senoia, GA to see if we could find any Walking Dead actors.  Then I wasn't going to go with them to the gulf but Kelli found me a condo to rent in the same place they rented (super expensive but worth it) so I went down with them for a couple days as well.  Pretty cool vacation! 

Me and my brother at my favorite restaurant for my birthday when I was in Ohio - Golden Corral.

Here's Kelli and I at a burger joint in Chattanooga.  They had THE best burger because it was MASSIVE (20 ounces) and you could get any sort of topping on it!  So of course I got one with extra cheese, fried egg, and bacon.  I almost added pepperoni but I held back.  Scarfed that sucker down and I got to wear the hat and get my picture on the wall because I finished it all. 

Here is me and Kelli in Senoia by The Walking Dead set "Alexandria". 

Here is me at my condo in Ft. Walton Beach, FL.  Not bad, not bad!  Expensive but totally worth the experience for sure.

Me at the beach at Ft. Walton Beach, FL.

Also went zip lining for the first time!

In August, I won some money and a free rental from Toyota and got to drive around for a day in it doing stuff to try to win more money (didn't win).

September rolled around and I knew my lease was up (but could continue month to month) and I wasn't even thinking about moving but I figured why not check out craigslist to see if there are any beach houses.  I found one and just emailed about looking at it.  I went and looked at it and figured it was already rented but the guy said to apply so I did.  Figured if it's meant to be, I'll get it.  And I did!  Here's my view from the deck.

I moved in October 15th...and it has not been the amazing life I thought it would be.  Maybe eventually but the moving process was horrible.  Money going out like crazy...I have tenants that live below me that may have stolen $80 worth of my packages (no proof tho) that makes me feel not so great.  And just tons of stuff keeps going wrong and money is going out more than ever and I had to get a PO box and a UPS box so nothing is stolen and so I'm always running there which is annoying.  I've also been sick (and haven't been to work) for the past 2 weeks and work isn't going well anyways - I was so behind in the first place and now it is even worse now that I haven't been there in 2 weeks.  The commute I think is killing me slowly without me realizing it (1 hour each way).  But I chose to move where I moved.  And it is nice when I can get out on my deck or go for a walk on the beach and it will be even better in the summer.  But for now, things are just out of sorts. 

Here is a picture of me and my friend Kelly at our church's hoedown a couple weeks ago.  I almost didn't go because I'm so down but decided to go anyways and it was super fun.  I even have a smile on my face. 

So anyways, the last year has been super fun with a ton of changes the last few months which was of my own doing - but given the opportunity - who wouldn't want to live at the beach?  So I accept what I did and can only hope and pray things get better so I can enjoy my home the way I deserve to.  I get to live in paradise and that is simply amazing. 

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