Friday, October 2, 2015

Moving to The Beach

Just wanted to share that I'll be moving to the beach in less than 2 weeks!  I moved to Florida last year from Nebraska (was there for 2 years - originally from Dayton, Ohio).  I currently live north of Jacksonville in a 'small town' and I live on a dirt (sand) road in a double wide trailer.  My lease was up in September so I just sort of flirted with the idea of moving to a place near the beach.  I really wasn't in mood to move again plus I like my landlord a lot so I really wasn't too serious about moving. 

Well, almost immediately after I started to casually look - I saw myself checking out this duplex (the top level) one block back from the beach.  There is one house in front of it but that house is only one level so your view isn't blocked too much and then next to it on the right (looking towards the ocean) is no houses so from the deck of this duplex is an OCEAN VIEW!   Like, dream come true right? 

There is also a beach access like just a short walk away.  The deck is huge!  It is a 3 bedroom house.  The closets are tiny and the house appears to be older BUT the kitchen and the floors were redone so it seems like a normal place.  It has a dishwasher AND an ice maker in the fridge which I currently haven't had in over a year!  I will be in heaven! 

I'm beyond excited and all my friends/family are as well!  The moving process has kind of dampened that excitement for me a bit but I try to look at the end result.  By moving process I mean...getting everything transferred over/set up and movers hired and not to mention all the money just flowing OUT.  Nothing is cheap about this move and sometimes I question whether moving 10-15 minutes away from where I'm currently at is really worth it.  And I know deep down it is...just gotta get through this stressful part. 

So here are some pics of the view!  More to come AFTER I move!  You might get sick of all the ocean pics that will be coming. hahaha! 

The first pic I took.  The second pic I found online taken probably during the 'winter' time but it really shows how close the ocean is to the place.  And beside the yellow house is the street to the beach access (which you can see in the distance).

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