Wednesday, June 17, 2015


I'm linking up with some gals over at the Very Busy Mama Blog.  We're showing ourselves off in our bathing suits and aren't holding back!  Here's to being confident even if I'm not perfect!  I moved to Florida last July and now am living 10 minutes from the beach and absolutely a billion percent LOVE IT!  I have now started accumulating swimsuits!  Since I'm basically in them constantly, it is just what you do here in Florida.  I also think living in a beach community you just naturally start accepting your body more.  Or at least I do.  You go to the beach in your swimsuit or to the pool etc. and are around others so it is almost necessary for you to accept yourself the way you are or else you will drive yourself crazy.  I am thankful for Florida in that way and many other ways! lol  Here we go: 

Here's me in one of my colorful suits. 

And here is me with my friend Kelly.  I'm wearing a top I love (with black tie bottoms).
Here is me trying on a tankini from Target which I bought.  I wear it with my black tie bottoms (my go to bottoms).
Here is another tankini top which I got for a buck at Walmart.  I am going to wear it with these tie die pink and white tie bottoms.
This is a picture from the website because I haven't wore the suit yet.  The bottoms didn't fit but the top does and it goes well with my tie die pink and white tie bottoms.  Can't wait to wear that combo!


  1. Well if you live in Florida you MUST have a collection — because you can't wear the same one twice!! hahah..kidding. I really like the first one and you truly look stunning. If I saw you I'd say " wow she has it going on!" THANK YOU, seriously THANK YOU for joining in and for taking the time to show off your style. Have a wonderful summer and keep your head held high!! xoxo

    1. Thanks, Maria!!! I think being happy finally (mostly due to being around friends/pseudo family and living by the beach) helps a lot! Hope you have a wonderful summer as well!

  2. I'm so glad you participated in this because holy crap that top in the first picture is so cute, it made me smile just seeing it. You look so fantastic! And Target has a great collection of bathing suits. :)

    Uncustomary Art.

    1. Thank you, uncustomary! U rock! :) And yeah I love many different kinds of suits and for not bad prices either.


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