Friday, June 5, 2015

Month On Armour

So I've been on Armour for a month now.  So far the only pluses I've seen versus being on Synthroid are less bloating and my nails/eyelashes seem to be growing for once in my life.  Not sure if its because of something in Armour or if it Synthroid caused those issues as side effects.

The one thing that I do not like is my brain is awful.  Short term memory is worse which in turn makes my OCD worse.  I know this is the T3 doing this because I found an old planner of mine recently from the time I was on Cytomel (T3) and Synthroid.  And those were the same symptoms. 

Not sure why T3 does this to me when it should actually do the reverse.  But, I'll take the brain issues over being bloated all the time any day.  Altho, I'm so tired of getting in my car, backing out of my carport, and not remembering if I had locked my door.  So I have to get out of my car and run over to the door and check.  This happened almost every day over the last week.  My neighbors probably think I'm a lunatic.  So annoying.  But what can ya do. 

I get my bloodwork done in a couple weeks so we'll see where we're at with that. 

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