Thursday, June 11, 2015

Almost 5 Weeks on Armour

Just wanted to give a quick update because I did notice something else that has changed.  In addition to less bloating and my nails/eyelashes growing, I seem to be remembering my dreams now.  This is incredibly unusual for me.  I mean I maybe remember a dream once every few months.  I remembered FOUR dreams just this week.  Which to me means I'm getting more REM sleep which I definitely have lacked in the past.  I'm a deep sleeper (always in deep sleep) so I always lack the REM sleep just naturally.  I think the REM helps with repairing your brain while you sleep while the Deep sleep repairs you physically while you sleep.  So maybe I can start remembering better in the future??? 

1 comment:

  1. How interesting, I very rarely remember my dreams, and I didn't connect it to lack of REM. However, I do think I have thyroid issues. Maybe something to look into! Great that you're feeling better!


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