Sunday, June 28, 2015

Cancer Weekly Tarot Scope June 29 to July 5 2015

Sounds like a great forecast especially for the single ladies (like myself) out there.  Guess we'll see! 

Saturday, June 27, 2015

My First Sunrise At Fernandina Beach, FL

So yesterday, after having such an awful day (not to mention most of the week had been not good), I made a deal with myself that if I randomly woke up early, that I would get up and go check out the sunrise.

Well to my amazement, I woke up at 4:40am.  Quite early but I forced myself up and headed to the beach.  I got there about 5:30am.  I guess the sunrise was going to be at 6:26am.  It was dark as night when I got there and I had the whole beach to myself.  I sat in my beach chair, listened to the waves crash, and watched the colors of the sky change.  It was the most amazing experience!  Well worth waking up that early.  And it also reminded me of what a blessing it is to live 10 minutes away from this incredible place. 

So without further ado, here are some of the pictures I took while there:

Friday, June 26, 2015

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Had a Flat Tire Today

Oh boy.  It is one of those days!

I went to work feeling like I had been hit by a bus.  I figured it is because I haven't been sleeping enough lately (my mind seems to race at night).  But slowly I realized I was getting sicker (stomach problems) which I know will eventually turn into a dehydration issue.  So I knew I needed to get home to be able to fuel up properly to get better and get hydrated.  I really didn't wanna go home early because I was actually having a GOOD curly hair day!  This NEVER happens.  Maybe once a year if I'm lucky.  I actually tried a new shampoo/conditioner so I'm wondering if that is it?

Here's the stuff I used:

Here is my hair before I left work for the day:

So I might have to buy me some of that.  Oh and I'm wearing my necklace (a horseshoe) that I won recently.  It is SUPPOSED to be good luck.  As we soon shall see, that is not the case. 

So I had to hit up fedex which is sort of out of the way because they had a package I had to sign in person for.  It ended up being the 'shorts' I won from Earl Jeans although they ended up sending me capris which are really 'floods' on a shorty like me.  Thank goodness they fit, too!

Anyways, so I had to go on I-295 to get to I-95 for my way home.  As I'm getting on this ramp, this guy in front of me is being he was being weird for a couple miles anyways slamming on his brakes here or there...and then he did that on the ramp and then all of a sudden it sounds like I run over a piece of metal or rubber.  I really don't think I did because I didn't see anything but that is what it sounded like and it was probably my tire just blowing up. 

So I thought I just ran over something and everything was okay.  So I get up to I-95 and start trying to get around everyone when I heard my it was pretty obvious something was up with my car.  So I was able to get over into the right shoulder thankfully.  I tried to make it to the exit but I just didn't wanna drive on a flat anymore than I was.  I totally had a flat.  I was so bummed out!!!  I had JUST bought all new tires a couple months ago! 

Looking at the big picture, I hadn't had a flat on any car I've had since 1999/2000 timeframe.  So ... I think it was probably just that time.  Anyways, I don't have AAA but I do have roadside assistance from State Farm so I called them up.  Unfortunately, it took 'em an hour to get there!  In the meantime, I had a cop stop.  Check it out:

She was super nice but she didn't seem like she could help me out much.  She wanted to drop me off at a store or something.  LOL  At that point, I had just called roadside assistance and figured they'd be there in no time.  Boy, was I wrong!  And remember, I am still sick!  So this wasn't the best situation for me. 
And where I stopped, was such a dangerous area in the sense that a ton of cars were coming on from I-295 and I was right by an exit and a busy one at that.  VERY dangerous.  I wore my seatbelt the whole time I was sitting there.  And yeah, I could have waited out in the grass but it was in the 90s and I was sick and I'd rather be in a big steel cage than be open to someone just plowing into me.  So I sat in the car for an hour.  In the meantime, several of my peeps offered to help me but I had already called roadside assistance at that point and figured they were on their way.  Haha.  Next time I'll get my peeps to help. 
Here is my view of the exit:

I have to say I flipped out when I first stopped and realized I had a flat.  This is where the rubber meets the road...literally!  Something uncertain and out of control just happened and I had to take action.  I hate uncertainty!!!!!  So yeah I was pretty upset for a couple minutes until I could get the roadside assistance set up.  I mean it makes me so mad when I'm in a situation like is yet another reminder of how single I am and have no knight shining armor to come rescue.  Man, that is the pits, ya know?  But yeah, then I suck it up and put my big girl panties on and got on the phone. 

So yeah the guy eventually showed up..and he changed that tire in less than 5 minutes!  It was scary watching him go under the car (to get the tire) and then change the tire.  No amount of money is worth doing all that!  I'm glad I have the job that I have and prayers go out to all the brave souls who do stuff like that for a living!!! 

Here are some pics from that:

The spare looks super weird.  Like I pay all this moola for my 4Runner, I should have some real rims...not some plastic yellow ones!!! haha!  So I'm driving around Yulee now with a wonky tire.  I'll call up Toyota tomorrow and see what the dealo is - if I have a warranty or if they can fix the tire.  It looks like I have a busted hole right through the tread part of the tire.  Which is weird because remember, I have brand new tires and the tread is super thick.  Not sure what is going on there.  I don't see how they'll be able to fix it but we'll see. 

Anyways, so that really bummed me out.  But what helps my day get better?  Knowing I'm going to my friend's house to watch the premiere of my most favorite show EVER?!!!  Big Brother!!!  That will be my life for the next 3 months and I am LOVING it!!! 

Friday, June 19, 2015

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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Fellow Zero Carber In The News

One of the gals that is in my Zero Carb group (Zeroing In On Health) just made the local news about the way she eats!  Made me so proud this is getting out there to the masses.  Even though many people would not agree with this way of eating, we in the group are passionate about it and wish everyone knew about it.  So it is great to see this.  Check out the video below:

FOX 46 Charlotte

So proud of her!  If you are interested in more information, I've written an informational blog post about Zero Carbing with additional links HERE.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


I'm linking up with some gals over at the Very Busy Mama Blog.  We're showing ourselves off in our bathing suits and aren't holding back!  Here's to being confident even if I'm not perfect!  I moved to Florida last July and now am living 10 minutes from the beach and absolutely a billion percent LOVE IT!  I have now started accumulating swimsuits!  Since I'm basically in them constantly, it is just what you do here in Florida.  I also think living in a beach community you just naturally start accepting your body more.  Or at least I do.  You go to the beach in your swimsuit or to the pool etc. and are around others so it is almost necessary for you to accept yourself the way you are or else you will drive yourself crazy.  I am thankful for Florida in that way and many other ways! lol  Here we go: 

Here's me in one of my colorful suits. 

And here is me with my friend Kelly.  I'm wearing a top I love (with black tie bottoms).
Here is me trying on a tankini from Target which I bought.  I wear it with my black tie bottoms (my go to bottoms).
Here is another tankini top which I got for a buck at Walmart.  I am going to wear it with these tie die pink and white tie bottoms.
This is a picture from the website because I haven't wore the suit yet.  The bottoms didn't fit but the top does and it goes well with my tie die pink and white tie bottoms.  Can't wait to wear that combo!

Big Brother - Big Brother House Tour #BB17

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Almost 5 Weeks on Armour

Just wanted to give a quick update because I did notice something else that has changed.  In addition to less bloating and my nails/eyelashes growing, I seem to be remembering my dreams now.  This is incredibly unusual for me.  I mean I maybe remember a dream once every few months.  I remembered FOUR dreams just this week.  Which to me means I'm getting more REM sleep which I definitely have lacked in the past.  I'm a deep sleeper (always in deep sleep) so I always lack the REM sleep just naturally.  I think the REM helps with repairing your brain while you sleep while the Deep sleep repairs you physically while you sleep.  So maybe I can start remembering better in the future??? 

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Most Viewed Links - Week Ending 6 June 2015

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Saturday, June 6, 2015

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Friday, June 5, 2015

Month On Armour

So I've been on Armour for a month now.  So far the only pluses I've seen versus being on Synthroid are less bloating and my nails/eyelashes seem to be growing for once in my life.  Not sure if its because of something in Armour or if it Synthroid caused those issues as side effects.

The one thing that I do not like is my brain is awful.  Short term memory is worse which in turn makes my OCD worse.  I know this is the T3 doing this because I found an old planner of mine recently from the time I was on Cytomel (T3) and Synthroid.  And those were the same symptoms. 

Not sure why T3 does this to me when it should actually do the reverse.  But, I'll take the brain issues over being bloated all the time any day.  Altho, I'm so tired of getting in my car, backing out of my carport, and not remembering if I had locked my door.  So I have to get out of my car and run over to the door and check.  This happened almost every day over the last week.  My neighbors probably think I'm a lunatic.  So annoying.  But what can ya do. 

I get my bloodwork done in a couple weeks so we'll see where we're at with that. 

Enchante Home Textiles Giveaway! (Ends Aug 17th)

The Enchante Home Textiles Giveaway! 1 Winner ~ $280 RV [Ends 8/17] @enchantehomeNY @SMGurusNetwork Welcome to The Enchante Home Textil...