Friday, May 8, 2015

Some Updates

So I just wanted to update y'all since I've been MIA.  Just been busy with life (work and after work stuffs). 

Work has been bananas lately and will only get worse as the end of fiscal year comes about (September 30th for the Government).  I have 10 years with the Government so you would think I'd be used to it but I've always been in a position where it hasn't really mattered until now.  But I will be able to accumulate comp time when I work over so maybe I can start saving some of my leave for future vacations for once.

I tried out for Big Brother a few weeks ago.  Went down to Gainesville (Florida) and it was just a small 'try out' so they just had me talk into a video camera for 2 minutes.  2 minutes wasn't nearly enough time but I tried to have a lot of energy and tell them about myself.  Obviously, it didn't work.  lol  Today was the deadline of them calling you to say you made it to the next round.  No calls here.  Oh and jokes on me - I actually got a phone call from a 626 area code (LA area) and I flipped out!!!  But it was a dude telling me the prize I won back in January ($500 gift card) wasn't valid anymore cuz the store went out of business.  Nice.  First of all, they got my hopes up that they were Big Brother and then to give me bad news?  Nice. 

Anyways - don't wanna make this blog post long.  I've just been hanging out...doing church things like softball (playoffs are tomorrow all day!)...hanging with my friend and her family...grilling out...pool time...and beach time.  Busy it here in Florida! 

Have a good one, guys!

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