Saturday, May 23, 2015

Check Out This Blog If You're Going Gray ~~ Highland Fashionista

For anyone who has gray hair and wants to or is growing it out, this blog, Highland Fashionista (see the link below), is a little bit of inspiration. 

Sometimes I feel like the only one growing out my gray!  I am only 37 but have a ton of gray and just got so sick and tired of going to the hair salon every month (can't dye it myself because I end up staining my whole bathroom!).  In addition, I felt the need to accept myself the way I am.  Gray hair and all.  So I currently have 10 months of growth. 

While I don't think my gray is as much as Kristin's (the blogger below), it does have that raw edge between the growth and the dyed hair.  My dyed hair is brassy orangish/red.  My regular hair is ashy brown with all that gray.

I do relate to her saying that people probably always are thinking maybe I should hit the salon.  I had a coworker recently tell me she had extra boxes of hair dye if I wanted some!  Not sure if that was a dig or what.  Sometimes innocent comments just feel like digs because it is a vulnerable experience growing your gray out.  And guys definitely like to comment on me having gray hair.  It is so weird.  Why do they even care??  But they, more than anyone, seem to notice it or at least speak out about it more.  I guess it is unusual to see someone my age (I actually probably look younger) to have all this gray.  It definitely is hard to accept it yourself when the culture we live in doesn't seem to want to accept it.  Well...they better get over it!  My gray is here to stay!  

Check out the blog below if you're going through what I'm going through - and check out here recent blog posts - her gray is grown out now and it looks GORGEOUS.  She gives me hope for sure.

Highland Fashionista: The Gray Area - The Agony and the Ecstasy of Going...

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