Saturday, May 9, 2015

After 15 Years on Synthroid, I Finally Switched to Armour

Yes - I have finally switched to Armour as of last night.  15 years of going from doctor to doctor...always throwing Synthroid at me.  So I had a friend who went to this endocrinologist and he put her on Armour.  I've always read in the 'thyroid circles' that endos really only care about the diabetes patients because that is where the money is!  So I've been very hesitant to try that out.

But I made an appointment anyways and the guy thinks Armour might help - although he himself takes Synthroid and doesn't really believe in Armour but says it does seem to help 5-10% of patients.  Ok, doc - whatever you say!

So I actually am the perfect candidate for it according to the 'thyroid circles.'  My Free T4 is in the high part of the Free T3 is in the low part of the range...and my Reverse T3 is almost out of the range - high. 

So we'll see how it goes.  I have been on Synthroid (T4) and Cytomel (T3) before (at my request to my MD many years ago) but I felt like Cytomel wasn't helping so I got off of it.

I took Armour last night which I will switch it to the morning because it caused me to toss and turn all night (due to the active T3 I guess).  I am extra agitated today which I recognize as another T3 symptom.  Possibly too much...or that my body just isn't used to it yet.  So I'll give it time but I really am not a fan of being angry/agitated.  I like my calm self.  I don't feel better overall yet but then again - I need to give it time.  Or maybe it is just the same ol' song and dance.

We shall see! 

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