Thursday, May 21, 2015

2 Weeks on Armour

Well today is 2 weeks on Armour.  Not really impressed at all.  The only positive thing is I think it has reduced my bloating.  My clothes don't fit any better so maybe not?  Just seems that way I guess.  My brain has definitely NOT been helped by Armour so far.  In fact, my brain seems worse!  It might just be because my job has gotten so intense lately.  Not sure.  And my exhaustion issue I've had since late 2009 is still there.  But hey - I'll continue to take it if it really reduced my bloat.  lol 


  1. Keep going girl. I didn't notice anything after 2 weeks either. For me I felt better after about 6. Although going gluten free I think honestly helped the most! Except you are already gluten free! Praying the armour helps!


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